10 Tips for Selling a Used Car Online

Peter Hollens
By Peter Hollens 6 Min Read

An online marketplace is an ideal place where you can sell your used car. However, there are several tips you need to consider when selling a used car online.

Ensure the Car is at its Best

Before selling the car ensure that it is at its best. That means that it is time to do a thorough cleaning of the car. The car should be clean throughout the period you are trying to sell it. Furthermore, fix any issues that can be fixed for instance faulty wiper blades. This ensures that the car is appealing and would not turn away a prospective buyer. You should do all the modifications on your own. However, for those repairs that need an expert, you can get a mobile car dealer to do it for you. Just note that the presentation of the car is key in getting the deal sealed.

Put the Documents in Order

When selling a car various documents will be exchanged. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the logbook, service records, proof of registration, license plate, owner’s manual and any other document required are ready. This is because any legitimate buyer would want to inspect the documents. You don’t want to be running around getting documents and a prospective buyer wants to close the deal on the car.

Get the Right Pricing

Getting the right price for the car is important as it will ensure that the car sells online but at the same time you get good returns. Ensure to research the prevailing market prices for the car on classified websites. Consider the age and mileage when estimating the price. Also, indicate the accessories that come alongside the car and if they are a part of the pricing. It is important to be honest about the features and state of the car when setting the price. You can also check out Don’t trade it in website which allows you to sell the vehicle to them instead of a trade-in as they offer higher offers.

Set up an Advertisement and Online Listing

There are lots of websites that you can advertise the car. The advantage of setting up an online advertisement as opposed to selling through a dealer is that you increase your chances of getting more money. Ensure to include important details in the advert as well as clear pictures. It is important to maintain important details of the communication with a buyer on the online platform you are selling the car through.

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Payment Method Accepted

The biggest drawback of selling a car online is fraud and it is important to protect yourself through a dependable online payment system. When setting up the advert it is important to define the payment methods available. While setting up the payment method for the car, don’t trade it in as you won’t fetch a good bargain. It is also important to avoid cash transactions and instead opt for an escrow payment which protects both of you from fraud. This will save you the hustle of dealing with bounced checks and fraud.

Check the Tax and State Laws

When selling a car different laws apply in different regions. As a result, it is important to check with the concerned authorities the legal documents and requirements that need to be met when selling a car. There is at least a Department of Motor Vehicles which deals with the sale of cars. It is therefore important to check with the local DMV to ascertain the requirements and if there is any tax to be paid. Furthermore, you could also earn tax credits for selling your car in different regions and as a result, it is good to check with the local authorities.

Set up a Public Meeting Point

Once everything is ready prospective buyers will start contacting you. Once communication is clear and a buyer is serious arrange to meet with the car in a public area. It is important to be accompanied by a friend or family member for extra caution.

The Test Drive

After the meeting undertake a test drive to ensure that the buyer is satisfied. During the test drive, it is important to ensure that the potential buyer has their driver’s license. Also, check with the insurance company to ascertain if they are covered in the event of an accident during the test drive.

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Closing Down the Deal

Once you have agreed with the buyer it is important to finalize the deal formally. Do not hand over the car until the full payment has been made to the escrow account. Ensure to issue out proper documentation and receipt for the sale of the car.

Take Down the Advertisement

Once the car has been sold it is important to take down the advertisements or mark the car as sold.

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