How to Wash Your Vehicle Without Water ( Waterless Car Wash )

Peter Hollens
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With the increasing tension among the earth dwellers related to the eco-friendly production of new technologies, the waterless car wash is the one of the best eco-friendly innovative ways to clean your vehicle.

A lot of thinking has been behind the creation of such product which provides the equal amount of impressive result without much labor and it is less time-consuming.

It has many benefits which I will be explaining later on, but first I will be talking about the basis of this waterless car wash.

Waterless Car Wash – The Reality:

The waterless car wash is a product which is made out of chemicals which has increased its lubricity.

It is a pre-spray ready to use a formula which contains the chemical combined in such form that provides the exact shine and result of cleaning that any water car wash gives.

How it Works:

It is very simple in usage, all you have to do it to spray the product on the panel of the car and wiped clean by a soft cloth or microfiber towel piece.

The end result is the dry shine which is very much wanted by all the car lovers, and it is usually free of any grime or light dirt. It is recommended that this waterless car wash should be used on surfaces covered with light dirt.

Types of a Waterless Car Wash:

There are two types of waterless car wash. There are as under:

  • Spray on type: It is a type of waterless car wash which is sprayed on the car and wiped clean with the help of a clean cloth. It is considered to be one of the best waterless car wash out in the market.
  • Mixed with water: What you do with this type of waterless car wash is you put the product which is usually in the form of liquid and mix it with water in the bucket. Then apply it to the surface of the car and cleaned with the help of a clean piece of cloth.

Controversies Regarding Waterless Car Wash:

It is almost impossible to introduce any new product without some controversies. Similarly, this new product has faced its fair share of controversies.  There are few myths that are revolving around it. There are as under:

  • It destroys the paint: It is commonly understood that this waterless car wash destroys the paint of the car. Well, it is not at all true. Because this spray doesn’t destroy the paint but only shines them and clean the dirt on it.
  • It is not eco-friendly: The chemicals used in the waterless car wash are totally eco-friendly as they don’t emit any discharge in the air. Also, the water wastage is to the minimum.
  • Scratches: This commonly assumed myth that waterless car wash scratches the paint and the surface of the car is totally wrong because the scratches are only caused when the low quality of waterless car wash is used or dirty, hard bristles cloth piece is used.


Whether you are using spray or liquid, Kenzie’s Waterless Car Wash is one of the best ways to clean your car with minimum effort and no wastage of water. It is much quicker and easier, and you will get the same shiny and clean look which you get when you clean your car with car shampoo.

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