Why You Might Want To Consider Installing Lift Springs Into Your Truck

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The great thing about trucks is that there are so many customizable options. Almost any part of a truck from its tires to exterior lighting to the cover of the truck bed is all interchangeable and addable depending on the owner’s preference. Lift springs are one of these additional add-ons.

Lift springs raise up your truck’s ride height for a variety of reasons (more clearance, more tire variety, more visibility, etc.) including just for a cosmetic bonus. So whether you want a practical benefit or you just want your truck to tower over everyone else on the highway, here are some reasons you might want to consider installing lift springs into your truck.

More Clearance

On average, trucks sit higher than most cars and SUVs: trucks aren’t going to bang their fenders into the sidewalk as much for example. However, some trucks ride lower than others and have similar problems as cars. Also, sudden changes in elevation can also affect the fenders of low-riding trucks. This makes offroading and recreational driving much tougher for trucks that naturally sit lower. Installing lift springs will raise a truck’s ride height, increasing the overall fender clearance. With a higher ride, you won’t have to worry about damaging your truck from low-to-the-ground obstacles.

Bigger Tires

Seeing how lift springs raise a truck’s ride height, this allows you to install larger tires to your truck as well. Whether it’s for practical or cosmetic purposes, many truck-owners prefer larger tires. Larger tires help a truck drive off-road, give more stability, and can grant more grip because of the extra surface area and wider treads. With lift springs and bigger tires, you can drive through softer conditions like snow and mud with more control and tracion.


And finally, installing lift springs to your truck can improve its overall safety. One of these reasons is because lift springs offer better visibility: the higher you sit, the more you can see. Being able to see your blind spots and surrounding traffic is always a plus for someone driving a heavy vehicle. Lift springs also allow easier access to the truck’s underbody. If you don’t have to raise your truck up with a lift or jack, there’s less chance for any accidents. If you have anymore questions about Lift Springs, contact the auto experts at Apollo Optics today.

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