What Is A Wheelbase And Its Importance In A Vehicle?

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The horizontal center distance between the rare axel and the front is named wheelbase. It is one of the most important car features for its handling properties and a better ride. A long wheelbase allows the passenger more easily by reducing the axle’s load on the axle board distribution.

In both rail and road vehicles, wheelbase is an important feature to decide how much weight a vehicle can hold. Usually, for trucks, which have to carry many loads inside, longer wheelbases are used in the making. The distance of a wheelbase is equal to the distance between the front and rear wheels.

Why Is A Wheelbase Important In A Vehicle?

A wheelbase may not be as important as fuel efficiency, horsepower, or cargo capacity. But it can be a major feature, depending on how you plan to utilize the car, as it plays an important to maintain the vehicle’s balance.

Suppose we take the example of trucks or plan to hold a ton of weight in a bed. In this situation, it is supposed to be made sure that the vehicle we are driving has a wheelbase that can bear weight. If there is a lot of weight in the back of a vehicle, it can be a reason to cause understeering or the other way round.

A smaller Wheelbase may make you lose control of the vehicle or spin-out that easily. On the other hand, a short wheelbase that overhangs onto the rear or front makes it easier to fit soft springing. It is one of the reasons to provide a better comfortable ride.

Physical Appearance

The wheelbase is an important feature of an automobile to maintain the balance and proportion it. Most luxury cars are proposed with long wheelbases, which increase the car’s luxury and spaciousness. It is usually found in big size cars. On the other hand, varieties of some small cars are made with a shorter wheelbase.

Advantages of Longer Wheelbase

There are certain benefits to have a long wheelbase in an automobile. While vehicles with shorter wheelbases are easy to drive in smaller spaces, they have a small turning radius. On the other hand, vehicles with long-distance come with larger interior normally because there is enough space between the axles.

Moreover, vehicles with longer wheelbases ensure a better and comfortable ride. Credits to the longer time between rear and front wheels hitting bumps. A long wheelbase is always more stable at high speed due to its bigger footprints on the road.

The ratio of Wheelbase to Length

It is another characteristic to be considered. The fraction of wheelbase compared with the overall length of the car. An automobile with a longer wheelbase than its overall size makes better use of interior space. It feels more stable in driving on the road.

What Does the Wheelbase Tell About the Vehicle?

It is an interesting fact that so many of the vehicle’s qualities are contrived by its wheelbase. Mostly, the most considerable thing in the car is interior space. The enormous majority of any vehicle’s interior rests between the wheels.

Therefore a car with a longer wheelbase tends to have more room in its interior than a car of the same length car with a smaller wheelbase.

In many cases, the automobile designers use a long wheelbase for creating an interior, which is mainly one big box, free from all obstructions. It allows the automobile designers to increase the interior space of the car for both passengers and things.

  1. Better Ride Quality

Vehicles with longer wheelbases tend to give a better and quality ride compared to those with short wheelbases. Simply because there is enough distance between the back and front-rear wheels to hit any bumps, this way, there is the least chance of the automobile becoming unsettled.

  1. Short Wheelbase Advantages

The long-wheelbase vehicles tend to be less agile. Simultaneously, the short-wheelbase cars are easy to handle, for nipping around and for driving more lightly. These vehicles are more fun to drive on twisty or difficult roads.

  1. Better Looks

The cars with longer wheelbases tend to look more luxurious and fancy. The distance between wheels gives the space a flowing and elegant shape. It makes the car look bigger than it is in reality and makes the vehicle look more attractive.

Do Only Big Cars Have A Long Wheelbase?

Here comes the interesting one, is it only big automobiles that have a long wheelbase? The answer to this is, No, It’s not only the big vehicles that have a long wheelbase. Rather some of the small cars are also available that are small.

These are made so that there is a long-wheelbase to maximize the car’s interior space. For example, Toyota Vitz is a small car. But when you get inside that, there is a better and spacious interior inside.

Are All the Cars With Long Wheelbases Are Spacious?

Do all the cars, which come with a long wheelbase, are spacious from the inside? The answer to this one is also, No, not at all. Some of the sports cars that have a front-engine installed in them have a long wheelbase.

The purpose of having a long wheelbase in these cars is to improve the vehicle’s weight handling and distribution. For instance, take the example of Mercedes AMG-GT. It is a two-seater sports car, and the interior space of this one is not big enough compared with normal cars.

Are All The Vehicles With Short Wheelbase Have Small Interior?

Another interesting one is, Do all the cars with a short wheelbase come with a small interior. Here again, No, not really. Particularly, taller cars can easily get away with a short wheelbase because of the seats installed in these cars.

The passenger seats are fitted in a mounted way to create more space inside the vehicle. The automobile designers are very smart in utilizing many tricks that make a car the look they want.


So the thing is that wheelbase is one of the most important features of any car, truck, or vehicle. It is the most important one that allows the amount of weight the vehicle can bear. There are cars which come with a short wheelbase, but their make is like that, which allows having more passengers inside.

On the other side, some of the cars’ are available, with a longer wheelbase but less seating capacity for passengers or things inside. The actual purpose of a wheelbase in a vehicle is to decide how much weight the vehicle can have inside it.

Long wheelbase cars physically appear to look more luxurious. On the other hand, cars with a smaller wheelbase are easy to handle than long-wheelbase ones.

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