What Does Every RV Need To Have?

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Traveling the world with an RV can be an amazing experience, but first you need to either buy one or rent one. After the vehicle is secured, you need to start planning for more! When you first get behind the wheel of your brand-new recreational vehicle, you might feel a little overwhelmed with joy and excitement. The road stretches out before you, and with so many national parks and wilderness areas in the United States, the possibilities for exploration are practically unlimited.

Of course, though, you should take the usual precautions before setting out on any kind of journey. Investing in quality equipment not only assures the safety of its users but also reduces their time and resource needs. You don’t want to spend time looking for obscure necessities or stressing over getting lost. Follow the link https://www.wikihow.com/Live-in-an-RV

Immediately, you must acquire these top-tier RV add-ons. No matter if you’re going on a long-term RV trip or just going out for the weekend, they are necessities. The following items are essential for both first-time RVers and seasoned road warriors, so don’t leave home without them!


If you want to drink from your fresh water tank, you’ll need a hose that’s been cleaned and is ready to go. While on the road, we picked up the helpful hint of connecting the two ends when not being used to prevent any unwanted visitors from entering the hose.

You should also equip your camper trailer or RV with a second hose that can be used to flush the tanks or clean the sewage pipe.

30 Amp Surge Guard with EMS

30 Amp Surge Guard with EMS

Because of the EMS feature, your RV is safeguarded from under and over voltage by having the electricity cut off instantly. In my opinion, this is an essential RV addition. Definitely bring one of these along.

Though it’s pricey, this EMS will alert you to problems and aggressively cut power to your RV if it detects one as well as caring for your recreational vehicle when you’re not around.

Building Blocks and Chocks for Leveling

These leveling blocks are one of the easy camping essentials that may be used with any type of RV, including a camper trailer, fifth-wheel, pop-up trailer, or motorhome. Quite frequently, in fact.

It’s true that most RVs come with leveling jacks, but there are times when even the “levelest” campsite isn’t quite right. The blocks will come in helpful if the driveway is slanted and the front tires lift off the ground. To avoid giving the impression that their tires are “dangling” and causing a nuisance to the neighbors, some people may put them down and drive up on them.

You should also have a set of X-Chocks if you tow a camper, whether it’s a travel trailer or fifth wheel. The X-Chock is an essential accessory for any trailer.


This is the best portable generator on the market, and it’s one of the top RV additions for boondocking as well as dry camping if you aren’t equipped with an onboard generator.

Generator of Pressurized Air

We should always have one on hand and inspect the RV and the minivan’s tires before setting out on any trip. Don’t leave home without a portable air compressor if you have the room and money for it. Or maybe you’re trying to use your bike pump to inflate your spare tire.

Walkie Talkies

Walkie Talkies

Two-way radios are really useful. Most notably when you’re in remote locations where there is no cell phone reception, such as the mountains. Without a service, you will be unable to make any calls or send any messages. They are wonderful since you can pick from literally thousands of channels, rather than just a few of generic ones.


You have undoubtedly heard nothing but praise for RV GPS systems. What a fantastic addition to any recreational vehicle! Among the many RV essentials, this is a terrific present for newcomers.

It provides assistance by recommending routes based on criteria such as vehicle dimensions and load being towed. Because of this, it will steer you clear of congested places and undersized bridges. Check out this page.

Water Pressure Limiter

A water pressure regulator reduces the force of water entering your RV through the freshwater hose so that it doesn’t burst the pipes. At every campground we visit, people utilize one. It’s something you should think about include on your shopping list for RV necessities.

As with emergency medical supplies, a water pressure regulator is among the RV essentials you won’t realize you need until it’s too late to get.

Drain Hoses

RV sewer hose supports aren’t something people typically think about before they start traveling frequently, but almost everyone winds up with one soon after. When camping on an uneven surface, it’s a common necessity. It’s an important component of mobile home living.

Moreover, since RV campsites’ sewage connection locations might change, this will help maintain a downward slope on the sewer line so waste water drains away from your RV. A good idea is to check out Techno RV, among other options to browse more items!

Filtering System for Water

An inline water filter is standard equipment in many RVs. If yours doesn’t, you should get one of these immediately. Water at campgrounds is usually not purified.

You never know what’s going to come out of that spigot, so having one of these handy is a good idea even if your coach already has a filter installed. Don’t leave home without it; it’s a must-have for any camper.

Bag for Carrying Travel Clothes

When you go camping or RVing, it is essential to bring along a portable wash bag to store your dirty clothes. Even if your recreational vehicle is equipped with a washing machine, you will still require a hamper or bag to gather soiled clothing in order to do the required amount of laundry. The best option is this backpack, which has straps that go over your shoulders and across your back. Also, make sure to bring the right clothing for your trip.

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