Planning a Road Trip? Read These Essential Tips First

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There’s something about the open road that calls to so many of us. The idea of just getting in the car and driving towards the horizon is something we’ve all witnessed in many Hollywood movies and TV shows. But in real life, road trips do require some planning, especially if you want them to be fun and take place without any problems – for information on car accident lawyers click the link – so, what can you do to ensure that your road trip is comfortable, exciting and totally memorable (for all the right reasons)? Read on for some essential road trip tips.

Choose Comfortable Clothing

With temperature changes and long hours of sitting bunched up either in the driver’s seat or as a passenger, you’re going to need to dress accordingly. There’s nothing worse than being trapped inside some restrictive clothing and being unable to stretch your legs out. So opt for causal wear, leggings, baggy pants, t-shirts, and hoodies. Don’t forget to bring your sunglasses too. And comfy shoes, but only for when you get out of the car.

An Emergency Car Kit

Breaking down in the middle of nowhere is a frightening prospect. But if you’ve prepared accordingly then you should be able to get through this potential hiccup. Put together an emergency car kit that includes:

  • A tow rope
  • Jump leads
  • A flashlight
  • Blankets
  • The equipment needed to change a wheel
  • Emergency gas money and a fuel container
  • Dry food that will stay fresh and bottles of water
  • First aid kit

This is not an extensive list, however, these are a few of the essentials. You can purchase a ready-made emergency car kit or put one together yourself.

Your Car Documents

License and registration, please. And don’t forget your insurance documents! You might be stopped randomly, but it will make the process easier if you have everything an officer will ask for.


An old-style map seems a little…old fashioned? But if your GPS fails, or you have no service in the middle of nowhere, you’ll be certainly glad you chose to bring one along.

A Phone Charger

Uploading to social media, taking photographs, using the map and GPS and other apps means that your phone battery won’t last long on the road, make sure you bring a USB phone charger that you can plug into your car so you can charge on the go.

A Playlist

A road trip essential. Listening to the radio stations fuzz in and out as you travel isn’t exactly fun. Create a playlist of everyone’s favourite tunes and wind those windows down.

A Full Car Audit

Before you travel, you need to ensure that your vehicle is in good working order and will actually make it! Check the air pressure in the tyres, the oil levels, windscreen wash fluid, water levels and of course your gas!


Don’t forget to bring plenty of water and energy-boosting snacks if you’re planning on being behind the wheel for a few hours. Junk food will only give you so much energy!

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