Chrysler 200: Striking a Balance Between Performance And Efficiency

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The story of the Chrysler 200 is one that has changed how the industry views mid-size sedans. In a market that is dominated by trucks and SUVs, the Chrysler 200 was an incredible value. Even today, this American-made car is a great buy for its performance and efficiency.


There are already plenty of reasons to visit a Chrysler dealership Salt Lake City. Popular models include the New Yorker, Imperial, Town & Country, Concorde, and the 300. The Chrysler 200 can also be included in that list of iconic cars thanks to the branding. When the 300 series was at its peak, the 200 was right there as an alternative option.

Although the branding pushed the 200 as a more affordable 300, that was not what most consumers thought. Over time, it became its own thing that even gained a huge social media following. The Chrysler brand had some of its best years thanks to the influence of the 200 series – this has carried over into how the company handles its overall brand.


So, how did the Chrysler 200 survive when the 300 series did everything but better? The easy answer is that one is an economical choice while the other was considered luxury. Completely different target markets, but there was a little bit more to it than that. The commercials for the Chrysler 200 were some of the most viewed by any car manufacturer in the world. There was a lot of buzz around this model, with a large roster of notable celebrities backing its design and road prowess. With great marketing, Chrysler was able to get the vehicle into their customer’s hands. The next goal, however, was to ensure that they got their money’s worth.


With both a 4 and 6 cylinder model available, the Chrysler 200 was diverse enough to meet all needs. It rode like a Cadillac but purred like a Mercedes. Along with the great 23/36 mpg averages (city/highway), the 200 became the default option for a lot of users that were shopping for the 300. A well-tuned car in this series could get even better gas mileage than the listed numbers. If any of the parts broke down, they were already in stock with most mechanics. The part availability is still great in the modern era of cars, and sneakily one of the best values in the industry.


You can’t talk about the great performance of a car without mentioning the price. The Chrysler 200 had all of the best parts of the 300 without the bigger price tag. With this model, you got a car that toed the line between mid-size sedan and luxury. By getting it fully loaded, consumers got the deal of the century. Buying it used in the modern day is an even bigger steal since the original production run ended.

Every Generation Counts

The discontinuation of a specific model is not a bad thing. In fact, the Chrysler 200 has only gone up in value each year. This is a brand you can always depend on, and the 200 series remains the star of the show.

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