Toddler In Car Seat Falls Out of Moving Vehicle

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Although we all take proper precautions when we travel with kids but sometimes things happen which are not in our control. Such an incident happened in Minnesota where a child fell out of the moving car while she was intact in her seat.

It happened in Mankato, Minnesota. It was reported by Chad Mock who was driving like any other day.

It happened when he saw a seat falling out of the vehicle which was in front of his car while the vehicles were on a turn and much to his shock, there was a child in the seat properly strapped. He stopped his car and got out to see if the child was hurt or not.

He felt a relief that his child was amazingly safe and sound. Not even little scratch on that little angel girl who was very calm and was not screaming. It seems that the mother who was driving the car was unaware of the incident.

Because she returned to the spot where the child was dropped, and she was in a hysterical state. Her return to the spot was about 15 minutes after the falling out of the seat.

The incident was reported to the police. Although many concerned drivers stopped at the spot and looked around and Chad explained to them what had happened, the police are requesting to charge the unidentified mother with child endangerment and child restraint system failure.

It has also been reported that the child safely fastened to her seat but how she got out of the car is unexplained. The police were looking into this matter, and they are trying not to let go of this incident.

Source: Inside Edition, ABC News

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