Tips For Buying Your Teen’s First Car

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Purchasing a vehicle for your teen can be stressful. Kids get excited about the freedom to drive themselves to friends, school, and other social events. Parents get anxious about the potential for fender benders and curfew violations. Although you and your teen have different perspectives, it doesn’t have to be difficult to purchase a vehicle. With the right amount of research and preparation for safety, you can help your teenager get on the road successfully.

Keep the following tips in mind when helping your new driver shop for their first car. First and foremost, it’s essential to research what you need out of a vehicle. Consider how often he or she will be commuting and how far. Make sure to also determine a budget and be prepared to walk away if it does not match. Looking in several places is a great way to find the best quality vehicle at the lowest price. Keep in mind attending an auto auction can be a great option compared to the used-car lot.

Staying Safe After the Sale

Make sure your teen checks tire pressure, keeps the gas tank filled, and takes the vehicle in for maintenance whenever it’s time. From an insurance point of view, it’s generally easier and cheaper to add your new driver to an existing policy than to purchase separate coverage. Encouraging safe behaviors is important for the longevity of the vehicle as well as the safety of your teen. For more tips and safety precautions for new drivers, take a look at the accompanying infographic down below.

Infographic created by Capital Auto Auction, an auto auction company

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