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What cars are most often rented? Which models are popular and why? Renting the perfect car means something different to every person. Availability of the required number of seats, a spacious trunk, low fuel consumption, or good maneuverability – how many people, so many opinions. However, there are also popular car models that are consistently in demand.

Please note that popular car models are available for rental in all classes – economy, comfort, and business. At the same time, for each machine segment, customers have their requirements. Among the vehicles that can be seen on the roads of Dubai every day, there are particularly durable models. Such vehicles are capable of traversing the desert no worse than any all-terrain vehicle. Most of them are represented in the segment of pickup trucks and SUVs. Let’s take a look at 9 luxury cars that are some of the most popular cars to rent when traveling in Dubai.

Luxurious Trips With Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz is famous for its luxurious cars, and the Mercedes G63 AMG is a highly coveted luxury SUV globally. This is a car that has received a large number of designations throughout its existence. The official list includes G-Wagen, G550, AMG G63 and AMG G65. The model is especially popular among Hollywood stars. You can rent G63 in Dubai and you will never forget your amazing journey. This car will not go unnoticed on the roads. It combines quality, reliability, comfort, and safety.

Sportcars – Feel Speed And Freedom On The Roads

For connoisseurs of speed and elegance, Porsche offers a driving experience like no other. This car became super famous thanks to video games when every gamer dreamed of driving one of the most popular racing cars in video games. Porsche looks very stylish, at the same time it is fast and comfortable – it is often used for rent by small companies. The Porsche handles well because it has special sensors that constantly monitor the vehicle’s direction, speed, yaw rate, and lateral acceleration. Using this information, PSM can calculate your actual driving direction at any given moment and initiate strategic braking on individual wheels to keep you on track.

Comfort And Confidence With Toyota Land Cruiser

The Land Cruiser series has earned its reputation in the market over the years. The previous generation, Land Cruiser 300, was distinguished by a V8 engine with a displacement of 5.7 liters and a performance of 381 hp. The car is capable of carrying up to 600 kg of cargo and towing over 4000 kg, so it is often used for rent in Dubai for large groups or long trips.

Family Car Subaru Forester

At the time the manufacturer introduced a new series of cars, they were more like station wagons. Over the years, such vehicles have proven their durability and reliability. If the front wheels lose traction, the transmission begins to distribute torque to the rear wheels. This makes the car very reliable and easy to drive. It is comfortable and roomy, which is why families with children often rent it for traveling around the Arab Emirates.

Hummer H1 For Difficult Roads

If you plan to see with your own eyes the incredible places in the United Arab Emirates and drive many kilometers off-road, then the off-road king Hummer is suitable for rent. The car, which had a large number of shortcomings – too wide, slow, and inconvenient for the city, became a real find and salvation in the SUV segment.

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited – Desert Conqueror

It is these cars that are the best in cross-country ability in the desert, and in the United Arab Emirates, they are simply incomparable. If you want to see the endless sands of the UAE with your own eyes, then renting a Jeep is a great idea. The manufacturer first showed them in 2004 but changed the design already in 2007. Modern cars have everything necessary to overcome off-road conditions – a spar frame, continuous axles, a 5-link suspension, and a stabilizer bar. When you choose a car to rent on your trip to the UAE, it is important to remember that first of all, you should pay attention to whether it suits your travel purposes, and how spacious and comfortable it is. The UAE is a global center of luxury and beautiful life, so many people dream of coming there and renting a luxury car to experience it for themselves. Choose to rent any car from our top list and you will remember your trip to the UAE for life.

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