Tesla Fires Female Engineer Who Alleged Sexual Harassment

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Tesla Fires Female Engineer

Tesla engineer AJ Vandermeyden declare and questioning the company of snub her assets of unwanted and all over the place harassment, equivalent income.

She got discharged this week.

Spokesperson of Tesla told fate that Vander Heyden was discontinued because of her claim were probe carefully aside company as a result of uninvolved arbitrator authority and finally, view as illegal.

According to Tesla the termination of her was vindicate, in view of her attorney, it was disciplinary. MS. Vandermeyden still prefers to engage in the imposition by misleading inaccurately assist the company in the media.

Tesla Engineer Harassment

Spokesperson of Tesla said a company had no choice but to end her employment. Vandermeyden had been working at Tesla for about 4 Years. Ahead she legal claim against the auto manufacturer in 2016.

She added in a workplace, she was subordinate towards mockery, in incongruous language and whistling. The lawyers said to the custodian of a client that her customer is ruin by expiry.

They only examine our case.it’s clearly disciplinary. She adds together. If someone speaks freely on the issue which they lawfully enable to speak around they also will b fired.

News of Vandermeyden is conveying by the Tesla new Global Head of Human Resources. The spokesperson renounces that the conclusion is based on punishment of the legal claim, a spokesperson also said that​ it is hardly possible to continue job afterward they have acted in such style.


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