Vehicle Glass Services and Glass Replacement By Insta Glass – A Guide

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If you are interested in changing the glass in your vehicle, you’ve come to the right place. This guide gives you all the information you need on replacing this part. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get right to it…

How Is A Vehicle Windshield Manufactured?

The windshields used in modern vehicles are made from a chemical combination of soda ash, silica fine sand, limestone, cullet, and dolomite

This combination of ingredients helps create a kind of elastic bond in the part. This helps it absorb vibrations when driving on different types of terrain. It also helps preserve the material during extreme weather conditions.

These ingredients are combined together as liquids, mixed with water, then heated at an extreme temperature (this will fuse the ingredients together and create the glass).

Once the new glass has been treated, it is set on a warm cast in order to keep it soft. After a while, the glass will take the slightly curved shape of the cast.

Afterwards, the new glass is taken out of the mold, then tempered. Two sheets will be made.

Both sheets of glass will then be combined together using a thin layer of PVB (polyvinyl butyl). Visit to learn about this compound.

The two sheets of glass will then roll through an autoclave. The autoclave simultaneously heats each component of the glass, then presses the two layers between rollers. This fuses the two layers together into your windshield.

How Is A Vehicle Windshield Installed?

Here are the six stages installers will go through when installing your vehicle’s new windshield…

1. Pre-Installation

During this stage, the installers do a quick inspection of the vehicle to ensure that the frame has no bends or rust. After this check, the installer spreads some towels on the hood and dash of your vehicle.

Next, the installer then takes the wipers and rear-view mirror off the vehicle then sets them aside.

1. Taking Out The Damaged Part

At the second stage, the installer takes out the rubber molds which provide an extra layer of sealing to the windshield.

Afterwards, the installer cuts through the urethane seal on the old glass. Click here to learn to learn more about urethane. The installer will now use some brute force to pry the windshield free (it will get a lot more cracked, but you don’t need to worry).

2. Preparing The Vehicle Frame

During the third stage the installer cuts the urethane seal as close to the vehicle’s frame as possible.

In order to prevent any chances of leakage and contamination, the installer will prime the new windshield’s surface, as well as the frame.

3. Setting The New Part

At this point, the installer will lower the glass onto your vehicle frame and mark where the windshield fits (this is called dry-setting).

Afterwards, the installer applies adhesive to the appropriate surfaces using a gun-like tool. The installer and his assistant will then carefully lower the new shield onto the vehicle frame, ensuring that the marks made during the dry-setting line up.

5. Cleaning Up

Next, the installer will place the molding cowl on the new windshield, then reinstall the rear mirrors. Afterwards, the installer will clean any pieces of glass in the vehicle using a vacuum.

4. Finishing

Once the installer has finished setting up the new windshield, he’ll give you a safe-drive time (this is the amount of time you’ll need to wait before taking your vehicle out).

In order to let the urethane seal cure properly, we strongly recommend leaving the vehicle until the appointed time.

Should I Install A Vehicle Windshield By Myself?

You certainly have the option of installing your vehicle’s windshield by yourself. However, there are various risks you need to keep in mind.

For instance, you probably do not have the right tools or experience for this job. If your windshield isn’t properly installed, it will lead to bigger problems later down the line.

In addition to this, installing your windshield is a two-person job. It is strongly advised that you contact a professional auto glass repair service to do the job. You can visit: learn more about professional auto repair services.


The windshield is a very important part of your vehicle. Aside from providing you with a view of the road, the windows make up about 60% of your vehicle’s cabin strength.

Replacing a vehicle’s windshield is an important task. Therefore, in order to prevent any installation issues, please contact an auto repair service.

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