How Tech is Enhancing Customer Service in the Auto Business

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Technology is really changing how everything is working in the current society, including how consumers are interacting with their car service providers. One clear fact is that consumers don’t like dealing with vehicle issues. This shouldn’t be a newsflash to anyone since numerous reports and studies have proven it already. Thanks to technology, however, the face of the car sales and service department is changing pretty fast, beginning with the vehicle itself. The preponderance of latest car models has novel onboard technology that facilitates analysts to measure the performance of the car on the go, enhance the vehicle’s security, as well as control the car’s environment using mobile devices.

Video Technology

Today, you will find the preponderance of new cars coming fully fitted with video surveillance technology. This can go a long way to solve most of the issues revolving around car service providers and the owners. One of the biggest customer complaints when buying new vehicles is being held liable for the dents and scratches on their automobiles that actually occurred in transit. But with this technology, some of the luxury brands often have IP solutions that entail video surveillance software that is connected to IP cameras. The exterior cameras will record all the details of the car getting loaded at the showroom, including all the digits on the license plates. This technology allows you to see live feed anywhere you can access the internet. It includes dates, times and incidents to be located in the video almost instantly.

This is the same case when getting a BMW service in montclair. With video technology, you can record all the activities on your car and later review what was done in the vehicle. Gone are the days when you had to spend hours at the auto service shop, protecting the vehicle from any mechanic with the malicious intent of replacing good parts with old ones. Any forms of incidents or accidents and vandalism will be recorded instantly. As this is becoming the new standard at car dealerships, repair and service centers, consumers can now be more guaranteed that they will not be made to bear the expense of anyone else’s negligence or carelessness. Therefore, do not forget to leave your dashboard cameras on whenever you go in for a repair.

Benefits at Service Centers:

Nothing can be more stressful than vehicle body damage, car accidents, automobile repairs or even regular automobile maintenance. Whether cars are directly from the assembly line or have existed for twenty years, they still need to be maintained. Repair and service centers are very competitive but do not have standard rates for the services they offer. This can make it quite hard for customers to get a fair handshake.

What’s more surprising are studies revealing that women get charged more for car service and maintenance compared to men. This can give you jitters about your BMW service in montclair. But with new digital apps like Blitzify, it has become easy for consumers to shop for vehicle repair services, oil changes and maintenance from the comfort of their smartphones using the app. This means that you no longer have to surf the web for multiple quotes or calling different auto repair shops for estimates.

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