The Real Deal On Remote Starter Cost

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Stated by 12 Volt Solutions, owners of vehicles that don’t come with a factory installed remote starter can still join the party because there are plenty of aftermarket options to choose from. A remote start system can be had for very little money if you’re not after a ton of features and if you’re willing to do the installation yourself.

In this article, we’ll look at the features you should look for when considering a remote starter for your vehicle. Keep in mind that the more features you add, the higher the price will be, so plan wisely before you make your purchase.


Inexpensive remote start systems have a limited range, usually under 1,000 feet, and while these systems are cheap, pass them over for devices that give you more variety. Having an extended transmitter range means you have more flexibility with starting your vehicle from inside when it’s raining or cold and provides you more safety when you’re alone and need the car started and ready to go before you get in.


Many newer vehicles come pre-installed with anti-theft systems, so make sure the remote starter you’re considering can function with your anti-theft system.

Additional FOBS

Another feature to consider is how many FOBS or extra remotes you get with your remote starter system. More FOBS means not having to share keys with other drivers such as your kids. An excellent remote starter system comes with at least two remotes, but it’s wise to get as many as you can afford for the sake of convenience.

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If you want the ability to use your phone with your remote start system, you can get that capability if you’re willing to spend the money. Having an app makes it easier to activate your system since most have easier access to their phone than their keys.

How Many Extras Do You Want?

If you’re on a tight budget, you won’t be able to afford many extras, however, if you have a little money to spend, think about niceties such as the ability to open your trunk remotely or the ability to activate your vehicle’s defroster, which will come in handy during winter.

What’s It Going To Cost?

Once you’ve decided on the features you want, you’re probably wondering what the cost is?

As we mentioned, the cost depends on the features, but let’s look at a high-rated system, the Viper 5706V 2-Way Remote Starter. This system is about $200, and the LCD transmitter has a range of up to 1-mile. While that might not seem like a lot of money for a high-quality remote starter, remember that if you’re not handy with wiring, you must have it professionally installed which raises the cost considerably.

Remember, there are plenty of affordable options for getting the convenience of a remote starter if your vehicle didn’t come with one from the factory if you’re willing to pay the price.

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