The Many Types of Locks That Provide Safety & Protection

Peter Hollens
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Sam the Lock Guy Cambridge, MA is an expert with both locks and keys. He can repair, install, and otherwise service locks to protect your business, home, or automobile. Call to schedule service with a residential or commercial locksmith, or an automotive locksmith if you need key and lock service. If problems occur after hours, call an emergency locksmith to provide new locks, keys, and service.

Keyless Entry Gets You in Quickly:

Keyless entry systems allow users to easily enter their business, home, or car without a key. Users simply press a button on a key fob and their door is unlocked like magic. Using a keyless entry system is a sensible way to enhance security and peace of mind. It eliminates the need for a key as well as the frustrations that occur when fumbling around in your pocket or handbag to find them. This is a state-of-the-art technology that many people use these days. It is with thanks to a residential Locksmith Cambridge, MA that keyless entry is so readily available. But, why stop there if you want protection? Sam the Lock Guy can also offer services such as peephole installation or install high security locks at your business for added protection.

Do You Need a New Ignition Key?

A faulty ignition switch may cause the vehicle to stop operating. In fact, the car may not start at all if the ignition doesn’t work because the ignition isn’t getting the electrical spark that tells it to start. Sam the Lock Guy Cambridge, MA can inspect the ignition and diagnose the problem, as well as make repairs upon request. It takes less than 30-minutes to replace the ignition once the locksmith diagnoses the trouble. After the ignition repair is completed, the locksmithing professional can then make a new ignition key that works with the new unit that’s been installed.

Sam the Lock Guy Break-in Repairs Made Simple:

A break-in devastates a homeowner, but it certainly inspires them to call Sam the Lock Guy, MA to upgrade the locks on the doors of their home or business. Many people choose to add a deadbolt to their door. This door lock prevents the lock from being picked since it does not use a key. It is also fairly difficult to manipulate, further reducing the risk of a subsequent break-in. But, most people do not stop there and also add digital door locks to their doors. The digital lock brings state of the art technology into the home, also minimizing the need for a key, thus reducing the risk that a robber will gain entry into the home.

Rekeying Services Made Simple:

Sam the Lock Guy. Rekeying is a simple service that changes the pin in the lock’s cylinders, so it only works with a newly created key. This service is used when there are keys to a specific door that have gotten in the wrong hands, to update outdated locks, and for many other reasons. It is cheaper than installing new residential door locks or commercial door locks and just as effective. It doesn’t matter when you want the service because it is possible to find a radio-dispatched local locksmith who offers 24/7 service.

Local Locksmith Always Available:

Lock issues occur out of the blue without any prior warning more often than not. If you’ve learned this the hard way, let Sam the Lock Guy Cambridge, MA come out to save the day. The locksmith can come to the home, business, or to your automobile night or day and resolve the issues listed above.

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