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German cars are super popular globally for their top-notch engineering, performance, and style. Ever wonder which ones rule the roads in Germany? Well, FINN’s got the scoop on the hottest wheels across the country. Plus, if you’re thinking of getting a ride, car subscriptions could be your ticket to trying out different models hassle-free. And hey, ever wondered where all these awesome cars come from? We’ll take you behind the scenes to explore the car-making hubs in Germany.

The Volkswagen Golf dominates the roads in a bunch of German states like Lower Saxony, where it’s the top dog with a whopping 23,459 registrations! Plus, it’s leading the pack in places like North Rhine-Westphalia and Bavaria too. But hey, there are other favorites out there! Like in Hesse and Brandenburg, where the Opel Corsa reigns supreme, and in Saxony-Anhalt and Saarland, where the Fiat 500 takes the crown. It’s like a car popularity contest across Germany.


most searched car models in Germany

1. Tesla Model Y | 2,005,000 Google searches

Ever heard of the Tesla Model Y? It’s like the superhero of cars – super high-tech, zero emissions, and easy on the wallet. Germans are all over it, with over 2 million Google searches last year alone! Plus, it’s rocking the charts as one of the top ten most-bought car models in Germany.

2. Tesla Model 3 | 1,812,000 Google searches

Germans are smitten with Tesla, especially the Model 3. It’s like the second most searched car in the country, with over 1.8 million searches in just a year! And hey, it’s not just popular online – it’s also rocking the charts as one of the top ten most-bought car models across Germany.

3. Fiat 500 | 1,750,000 Google searches

The Fiat 500 is a big hit in Germany! People just can’t get enough of its affordability and trustworthiness. They’ve searched for this cool car over 1.7 million times – talk about popular.


Electric cars are all the rage in Germany lately! With tons of options out there, which ones are folks loving the most?

1. Tesla Model Y (35,308 registrations)

The Tesla Model Y is killing it, with over 35,000 registrations in 2022! People love this electric SUV for its range, performance, and cool tech like Tesla’s autopilot. Its popularity in Germany shows how Tesla is becoming a big player in the European EV scene, offering luxury, tech, and eco-friendliness all in one package.

2. Tesla Model 3 (33,839 registrations)

The Model 3 from Tesla is also gaining traction, with 33,839 registrations. It’s smaller and cheaper than the Model Y but packs a punch with its cool design, long battery life, and top-notch safety. The love it’s getting in Germany shows folks dig Tesla’s affordable rides.

3. Fiat 500e (29,636 registrations)

The Fiat 500e is also a hit, clocking in at 229,636 registrations. It’s like the electric sibling of the classic Fiat 500, keeping its small size and trendy look. Switching to electric keeps things green while still holding onto that Fiat flair we all love.

most popular EV models in Germany

1. Volkswagen | 480,967 new registrations (2022)

Volkswagen takes the crown as Germany’s favorite car brand, snagging 480,967 new registrations last year. They’ve been around since 1937, known for making sleek rides loved worldwide. It’s no surprise they dominate in their homeland, producing Germany’s top three car models.

2. Mercedes-Benz | 243,999 new registrations (2022)

Mercedes-Benz comes in second among Germany’s favorite car brands, with 243,999 registrations in 2022. People love them for their top-notch performance, durability, and that luxurious touch.

3. Audi | 213,410 new registrations (2022)

Audi, a beloved car brand globally, takes third place among Germany’s favorites. With 213,410 new Audi cars registered last year, their popularity is clear.

most popular car manufacturers in Germany

Which car manufacturers have increased in popularity the most?

1. Audi (31,533 increase)

2021 registrations: 181,877 registrations

2022 registrations: 213,410 registrations

Over the past year, Audi sold a lot more cars compared to the year before. They went from selling about 181,877 cars in 2021 to 213,410 in 2022. People in Germany really like Audis, and it seems like more and more folks are getting into them. Audi has all kinds of cars, from fancy sedans to big SUVs, and they’re making more electric ones too, which people seem to like.

2. Tesla (30,249 increase)

2021 registrations: 39,714 registrations

2022 registrations: 69,963 registrations

Wow, Tesla sold a ton more cars last year! They went from selling about 39,714 cars in 2021 to a whopping 69,963 in 2022. More and more folks in Germany are into electric cars, and Tesla’s leading the charge. It’s cool to see people choosing electric over gas-powered cars.

3. Dacia (20,052 increase)

2021 registrations: 40,338 registrations

2022 registrations: 60,390 registrations

In the past year, Dacia‘s car sales shot up impressively. They went from selling 40,338 cars in 2021 to 60,390 in 2022! That’s a big leap of 20,052 cars! People seem to love their affordable models. It’s like they’re saying, “Hey, let’s go for something practical and pocket-friendly.” Especially now, when things are uncertain and the market’s all over the place.

Which car manufacturers have increased in popularity the most

1. Volkswagen Golf | 83,737 new registrations (2022)

Since 1974, the Volkswagen Golf has been a hit, especially in Germany. People just love it! Last year alone, a whopping 83,737 Golf cars hit the roads there. It’s like Germany’s Sweetheart on wheels.

2. Volkswagen Tiguan | 59,174 new registrations (2022)

The Volkswagen Tiguan is a hit, ranking high in our top three and ruling as Germany’s favorite SUV. People adore its roomy interior and budget-friendly price tag, making it a global darling. With a whopping 59,174 Tiguan cars cruising German roads in 2022, its popularity speaks volumes.

3. Volkswagen T-Roc | 58,893 new registrations (2022)

The Volkswagen T-Roc is a hit in Germany, landing in the top three of beloved cars. Families love its compact size and usefulness. It’s pretty new too, hitting the scene in 2017. Last year, almost 59,000 T-Rocs hit the road in Germany.

most popular car models in Germany

Which car models have increased in popularity the most?

1. Tesla Model Y (30,908 increase)

2021 registrations: 4,400 registrations

2022 registrations: 35,308 registrations

The Tesla Model Y took the lead, jumping from 4,400 registrations in 2021 to a whopping 35,308 in 2022! That’s a massive surge of 30,908 units. People in Germany are really into electric cars, and the Model Y is stealing the show with its great range and performance. Plus, let’s not forget, that everyone loves a Tesla. It’s all part of the push for cleaner, greener driving.

2. Volkswagen Taigo (18,029 increase)

2021 registrations: 718 registrations

2022 registrations: 18,747 registrations

The Volkswagen Taigo took off last year! In 2021, only 718 were on the road, but by 2022, that number soared to 18,747. It’s no wonder why—it’s got style, it’s handy, and who doesn’t trust Volkswagen? Plus, it only hit the scene in July 2021, so it’s meeting the need for compact SUVs.

3. Fiat 500e (17,120 increase)

2021 registrations: 12,516 registrations

2022 registrations: 29,636 registrations

Coming in third place is the Fiat 500e, also known as the Fiat 500 New. It’s like a modern twist on the classic Fiat 500, but this one runs fully on electricity! People are loving it, with registrations jumping from 12,516 in 2021 to 29,636 in 2022. That’s a whopping increase of 17,120 units! People dig for its compact size, perfect for city driving, and how it’s eco-friendly.

Which car models have increased in popularity the most?
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