The First Electric Ferrari Will Produce a ‘Real’ Nois

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About three years back, Ferrari shook things up by revealing they’d be making an electric car. The first emission-free Prancing Horse is set to hit roads around late 2025. But don’t expect silence; even without the usual engine, this EV from Maranello will still make some noise, both literally and in terms of its impact.

While some electric cars use fake engine sounds and pretend gear shifts, Ferrari’s taking a different route. According to Emanuele Carando from Ferrari, their electric car will have an authentic Ferrari sound. He didn’t spill the beans on the exact sound yet, but it’s promising to be the real deal.

If Ferrari’s talking about an “authentic” sound, they might just mean the electric motor’s whine. But if they’re amping it up through speakers, it’s not entirely genuine, right? Whatever the sound ends up being, Ferrari’s entry into electric cars promises to stir up new feelings compared to their usual lineup.

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Ferrari is being secretive about their upcoming electric car, which is a big deal for the brand. They haven’t revealed its design yet, but we know it’ll be made at a new facility in Maranello. This new model is expected to make up five percent of Ferrari’s sales in 2026, its first full year on the market.

Ferrari’s V-12 engine isn’t going anywhere soon, staying until it’s banned. Carando promises that wealthy buyers will choose between a gas engine, plug-in hybrid, or electric vehicle based on their preferences.

Ferrari plans to outpace Lamborghini in the electric car race, with Lamborghini’s Lanzador not arriving until 2028. By then, Ferrari expects nearly half its sales to be electric.

Source: Drive, motor1

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