Mitsubishi Triton Tub Liner at HSP UTE LIDS

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SP 4×4 Accessories is an Australian brand specializing in the style, prototyping, producing, and promoting of accessories for the 4×4 lover.

HSP makes a specialty of producing and distributing automotive utility elements. we have a tendency to produce elements from thought to style and manufacture in Australia. Our elements are usually world firsts, and everyone has a typical goal of maximizing the potential of a UTE by making solutions, not simply products.

The HSP offers many distinctive blessings to plain liners each in terms of visual look and its sensible applications.

No more getting to the local DIY look to cut your own mats/liners. Get one thing that’s getting to last and shield your tub liner the correct way! With model-specific molding, anti-slip tub liner, and distinctive style. PSI 4×4 rubber tub mats can shield your tub liner. With straightforward install, a good varies of options and specifically formed for every UTE.

Features of Mitsubishi Triton Tub Liner at HSP UTE LIDS

  • Compatible with normal tie-down points
  • 5-Piece snap-lock style
  • Contoured style maximizes tub space
  • Strong, sturdy materials
  • Unique Rubberized Floor Panel  really Non-Skid

No-Drill Fitment

Provides a further level of assurance that your vehicle is well protected against uncalled-for panel injury.

  • Flat packed, all elements fit into one box
  • Quick and simple installation
  • Original Tie-Down Hook access not like different brands, Our Ute Liners don’t need permanent removal of the vehicle’s original tie-down points. In most cases, the first tie-downs are reinstalled over the Ute Liner.
  • Seamless integration with vehicle
  • 3 Years warranty

Accessory Compatible

The general style of the AST machine Ute Liner has been tailored to make sure improved compatibility with several after-market accessories as well as ladder-racks, sports bars, and tonneaus.

  • Tailgate cover enclosed – All Tub liners equipped normally with tailgate cover
  • Extra powerful – Tested in harsh conditions to make sure most responsibility and sturdiness. All UTE liners are made up of high-density synthetic resin capable of interesting nasty impacts and resisting commonest chemicals as well as paint, oil, petrol, and battery acid. liners even have high ultraviolet radiation resistance.


SPORTGUARD could be a revolutionary protection system providing a high-impact protecting skin that’s contoured to utterly work the curves of your flooring. The sectional construction means aspect walls square measure rigid and sturdy, providing nice impact protection, whereas the rubberized floor panel is soft giving a softer and non-skid surface that protects the integrity and painted surface of your motortruck bed.


SPORTGUARD is that the final vehicle improvement. fashioned to suit the contours of your motortruck the SPORTGUARD offers seamless integration with the flooring. Pro-form’s refined and organic style each enhances and enhances the looks of your truck.


SPORTGUARD ships in one box and is straightforward and intuitive to suit. With 5-pieces that snap-fit along, it’s fast and simple to put in and maybe fitted while not drilling holes within the bed or requiring any specialized tools. All fitting elements are available in one box, creating packing and shipping straightforward.


SPORTGUARD encompasses a rubberized floor created that has a novel anti-skid surface to terribly effectively stop your product from slippy around within the flooring.

Mitsubishi Triton Tub Liner distinctive formed-to-fit style means that all factory-fitted tie hooks will be accessed to maximize practicality.

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