How to Sell Your Used Car in Britain

Peter Hollens
By Peter Hollens 4 Min Read

Are you thinking about selling your car? While it’s not exactly a complex process, it’s still not as easy as just handing the keys to a buyer while they write out a cheque. There are other important steps that you need to take. In this article, we’ll reveal all the important “How to” information on selling your car within the UK.

Step 1 – Choose a Platform

Selling in the UK presents a range of options. You can opt for a dealer, and an online platform or selling directly person to person. A direct sale will give you the most financial benefit, but it could be a much slower process. A dealer or online platform might not give you as much as you hoped, but the sale will happen very quickly.

Step 2 – Ready the Car for Selling

When getting your car ready there are three main areas to look at – documentation, maintenance and cleanliness. First get the documents ready, starting with the V5C which you need to get from the DVLA as proof that you’re the registered keeper. You’ll also need MoT certificates if the car is old enough to have any, as well as any major mechanics’ invoices for repairs. Once your documents are in order, you should consider investing in making any repairs to the visible problems with the car – a scuff mark or scratch, for instance – which will help improve the final sale value. Finally, but not least importantly, wash and wax the car to give a brilliant shine and make it look like new.

Step 3 – Advertise (direct sale)

Obviously, you don’t need to advertise if you take the car to a dealer or online trade-in platform, but otherwise, you will. Take some time to explore different platforms and see what cars of the same (or similar) year/model are selling for. You could also ask a local dealer what they’d pay for it and then add a little to that rate for a direct sale. Set up online ads on platforms like AutoTrader, and don’t forget to include as many pictures and details of the car as possible. More photos and details make online buyers more reassured. If you’re looking to sell locally, leave the car in a prominent place with a clear “For Sale” marker with your contact details clearly visible.

With a direct sale, you have to be ready to play the long game. Most buyers in the UK are now looking to reputable platforms and dealerships in order to assure quality, and at the very least a place to vent their fury should they receive something below acceptable standards. These platforms will reduce your final profit, but give you quick results, which means you can more quickly move on to your next car. Use your head when selling, and it’ll be a smooth road ahead!

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