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Cleaning the interior of your car is very important. Trash and dirt are always aesthetically unpleasant. When talking about car cleaning, the first question that comes to mind is how to clean car at home? This article will provide car interior cleaning tips at home.

How to Clean Car at Home

When cleaning the interior of your car, you have to be vigilant in selecting tools for cleaning. The car interior cleaning hacks given below will answer your questions about how to clean car at home:

  • To clean the AC vents, use a paintbrush or foam brush. Foam brushes are easily available online.
  • One of the tricky car interior cleaning tips that you must look for is vacuum the dust immediately when you clean it off so that it does not settle somewhere else in your car.
  • To clean buttons and knobs, use a vacuum brush.
  • To get rid of the unpleasant smell, remove cabin’s air filter. Do check if you have a removable air filter or not.
  • Clean all the trash from underneath the seats, floor mats, and other corners so that nothing remains behind.
  • Magic Eraser can help you to get rid of sticky things from leather. Scrubbing with a toothbrush can also be helpful.
  • Polish the dashboard with olive oil.
  • Wash your dirty floor mats in the washing machine.

Materials and Tools Required to Clean Interior of Your Car at Home:

If you have cleaning products and vacuum cleaner at home, you have already won have the battle. Get various towels, rags, sponges, and brushes to proceed.

  • Cleaning Products

Grab the chemical cleaning products from your home. You must be having such products at your home. You separate cleaning products for plastic, leather, carpet pats, and upholstery. Put them in a basket and place it next to you, when you start cleaning the interior of your car.

  • Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is necessary to clean the seats and ceiling of the car. Use a vacuum cleaner with hand-held attachments and extension hose. Multiple nozzles of vacuum cleaner will be used to clean different areas like those that separate nozzle will be used to clean pocket and seats. A vacuum cleaner with steam cleaning feature will also work good.

  • Cleaning Polishing Materials

Detailing work is quite difficult to clean. For that, you will be needing the variety of rags, towels, and wipes. Scrubbing cloth will also prove to be handy for cleaning detailing work on steering wheel and dashboard. Always use lint-free cloth pieces. Microfiber cloth is best to give a scratch free look to the glass windows. Use clean cloths free of residual chemicals.

  • Appropriate Brushes

Use the different size of brushes to clean dust from air vents, steering wheels, and buttons. You may require a sponge, rag, or stiff brush depending on the type of material you are cleaning. The applicator should be appropriate as well. When opting for cleaning products for the interior of your car, make sure those products are for cleaning interior of cars. If you have any doubts, first try it on the small area.

Now that you know how to clean car at home get busy. Share the tips with others who may need them.

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