How Much Will Shipping Your Car Cost? What You Should Know Beforehand

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Finding a reputable car shipping company requires getting quotes from multiple providers and selecting the one with the fastest response rate. Not only that, but there are a lot of variables to consider when shipping – most of all being the cost of the entire process, beginning-to-end.

Shipping your auto involves many variables that will impact its costs, such as its type and model, mileage, and transport method. Costs depend on whether it’s door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal delivery and some companies may charge extra if paying with credit cards – something to keep in mind when comparing quotes.

Reputable auto shipping companies should offer transparent quotes that include all fees ( exemptions and limitations. Any company trying to hide fees should be treated as suspicious; thus, careful research must be completed prior to signing any contracts or making decisions based on these documents.

Auto shipping prices can also increase when pick-up and delivery dates are tight, as companies must allocate extra resources and personnel in order to complete transport within its set deadlines – this is reflected in its final price tag.

To secure the best price, be flexible with both pickup and delivery dates. It may also be beneficial to ship your auto using an open carrier instead of enclosed carrier to reduce cost. Remove any personal items from the car before filling only a quarter of its gas tank – this will help save on fuel and avoid potential damages caused by overfilling it.

Time Required

As part of your car shipping decision-making process, consider which form of transport you prefer – though consider this may be a timely process. Enclosed shipping provides extra protection for your vehicle while costing more. Also determine whether door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal shipping suits you best and costs accordingly – while door-to-door can often be the simplest but more costly choice.

If you need assistance choosing a car shipping company, conduct research and read reviews before making your selection. Seek recommendations from friends and family for recommendations; once you find an acceptable provider, book transport quickly in peak season as it could sell out faster otherwise.

Finding an auto transport company with excellent customer service will help to reduce delays. Look for one offering live tracking and platinum protection plans; these services will give you peace of mind that your car is in safe hands. uShip is an online marketplace which connects customers with car carriers, so check them out as well.


Damage during auto transport may be uncommon, but if it does happen it should be addressed quickly. Contact the transport company as soon as possible and file a claim immediately; any legitimate company should take care in handling this quickly. If they do not, file with the Better Business Bureau or similar organizations as soon as possible to address their actions.

Before signing a contract with any transport company, inquire about their insurance coverage. Legitimate companies generally carry full coverage insurance that should provide peace of mind.

Most car transport companies offer standard liability coverage of up to $100,000 per shipment – according to this article; the amount will depend on the value and length of time your car is in transit. Unfortunately, this coverage doesn’t extend to damages caused by weather or acts of war (which would typically fall under your own insurance coverage). When shipping high-value vehicles it is advised that they use reputable carriers with comprehensive plans in place.


There are various factors that contribute to the cost of car shipping, including distance and timing. Vehicle type can have a dramatic effect on its cost; classic cars will likely be more costly to ship than SUVs for instance. Weather can also play a huge factor; prices tend to increase during summer and around New Year.

When selecting a company to ship your car, it is crucial that you research their customer reviews and industry ratings. A reputable firm should have positive customer reviews as well as competitive pricing structures with immediate quotes available for auto transportation – for instance, one specific example of these car shipping services has been in business for year’s highly-rated reviews that can offer instantaneous quotes. To see an example of such a highly-rated provider check out the previous link and read all about them.

Shipping your car across the country or internationally will depend on its destination and pickup locations; most companies offer various pricing plans depending on these elements; it’s wise to compare multiple companies before making your final choice; keep in mind that quotes do not guarantee accurate pricing due to hundreds of variables at play that could influence it.

Attributes that could impact transporting your vehicle include its size and weight, trip duration, and potential delays during transit. Additional charges may apply if it requires transport through busy city traffic or areas difficult for large trucks to navigate – to prevent additional charges when moving your car it is best to book transportation early and remain flexible regarding its timeline.

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