Black Car, Bronze Wheels- Do They Look Good? (Pictures)

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Black cars are always a classic pick. They’re super popular, always ranking high on the color charts for cars. People love them so much that they’ve become known as one of the “fancy” colors. And let’s talk about looks – black cars? Total showstoppers. They’ve got this confident, sleek vibe that’s hard to beat. Plus, any color rims look awesome on them. But can bronze rims match up to that fancy black car look? Keep reading to find out!

Do Bronze Rims Suit Black Cars?

So, we said black goes with almost anything, right? But bronze isn’t just any color. When you pair black with bronze, it’s like magic – seriously hot stuff! The contrast is eye-catching and downright awesome. Bronze on black? It’s a standout combo if you ask me!

But hey, your black car has gotta look good on its own first. Make sure it’s shining with hyper-care ceramic coatings, then any set of bronze wheels will be a perfect match for that sleek exterior.

Maintenance won’t be a total breeze, that’s for sure. Black and bronze both need some TLC to stay looking sharp. Bronze might be a tad easier to care for than black, but it’s still no walk in the park.

Do Bronze Rims Suit Black Cars
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Black Car, Bronze Wheels
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Decide if dealing with upkeep is worth it for those sweet rims. One tip: go for rims with fewer spokes – might make cleaning a bit easier. Can’t promise it’ll be a piece of cake, but hey, for the love of bronze wheels, it’s worth a shot, right?

Bronze Wheel: Method Race Wheels MR312

The Method Race MR312‘s bronze finish is seriously eye-catching. It’s shiny outside and has a nice neutral inside to balance things out. That signature Method Bronze is darker and looks amazing on a black car – talk about attention-grabbing!

Plus, these wheels don’t just look good – they’re built to last. They’ve got a classy, strong design that adds a touch of reliability to your ride. Worth the investment if you ask me!

Can I Paint My Rims Bronze?

With some research and a little elbow grease, you can give your wheels a cool bronze makeover at home! First, take them off and give ’em a good scrub. Then, grab some sandpaper – start with a coarser grit, then switch to a finer one for a smooth finish.

After another wash, slap on some primer and let it sit for a bit. Then, it’s time for the fun part – spray painting! Apply a few thin coats, and give it a couple of hours to dry. Voila! Your wheels are now rocking that stylish bronze look. Easy peasy!

What colors suit black cars?

1. Red

Red on a black car? Bold move, but hey, black’s pretty fiery itself, right? Together, they’re like a magnet for attention. Only downside? Red rims can be a pain to keep clean.

But man, they add some serious flair. It’s like watching a blazing fire against a midnight sky – poetic, huh? Personally, I’m all in on this fiery combo.

Red on black
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Red on black
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Red Wheels: Vision-Riot

Looking for sporty red rims? Check out Vision Riot – they’ve got you covered. Affordable and stylish, these rims suit all kinds of vehicles, from cars to trucks.

They’re tough too, built to last with a cool two-tone milled pattern that screams authority. Available in 6 or 8-lug patterns, they’re versatile for any ride.

But gotta admit, they’re a bit pricey. Vision wheels prioritize quality, using top-notch materials like one-piece cast aluminum or steel – that’s why they’re worth it.

With classic colors and top-notch precision in manufacturing, Vision Wheels never disappoints. They’ve got that perfect blend of style and quality that keeps us impressed every time.

2. Gunmetal:

Gunmetal rims are super popular, especially on black cars. Even though gunmetal is a neutral color, it pops on a black car. The combo’s just right – not too flashy, but still makes a statement.

And bonus: gunmetal’s tough. They handle dirt and scratches like a champ. Just a quick wipe with a damp cloth, and they’re good as new. Easy maintenance for a sleek look – what’s not to love?

Black on Gunmetal
Black on Gunmetal
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Grey Wheels: Vision Cross Wheels

Looking for sleek grey rims for your black car? Vision’s got you covered. Their Cross model not only comes in grey but also matte black, perfect for that black-on-black look we talked about.

These rims are a blend of style and substance, with intricate details that catch everyone’s attention. Whether you’re cruising or tearing up the streets, these rims give you that authoritative edge.

With Vision, you can trust you’re getting quality and style in one package.

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