Big Rig, Big Trouble: What Causes Tractor Trailer Accidents?

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All drivers on the road need to be careful, and this is especially the case for tractor trailer drivers because they must operate large vehicles. When tractor-trailer accidents happen, they are a lot scarier because these vehicles weigh tons.

Each year nearly half a million road accidents involve large trucks. The chances of severe injury and death are higher in these cases. How do these accidents happen daily? Is there a way to drive these trucks in a safer way on the right? Keep reading to find out.

Tired Drivers

Driver fatigue is a common reason for tractor trailer accidents that occur on the road. Many drivers work long hours. Not only that, but they often have to deal with high pressure and stress. Regardless of their physical or mental exhaustion, truck drivers remain on the road for as long as several days at a time.

They do not get enough quality sleep which causes them to lose coordination and concentration so they react slower on the road and may even fall asleep at the wheel.

Drivers That Don’t Pay Attention

Distractions can also happen which take away the focus of driving. When truck drivers are on the road for extended periods of time, they often become bored and may seek other forms of entertainment while driving.

They may text, flipping radio stations, or eat which can make accidents more likely to occur. There are a lot of cases where these drivers drink alcohol and abuse drugs while driving to relax or keep themselves awake which only does the opposite.

Careless Driving

Not following basic road rules is another reason for accidents. Tractor-trailer drivers implement careless driving when they continue to drive through a red light, turn left or right when they should yield, or drive above the speed limit.

Careless driving has a negative effect on driver licenses. Following an accident, you should find a tractor-trailer attorney to help you learn how to handle a crash.

Poor Training

Before a driver can operate a tractor-trailer, they must undergo hours of training before they can get a license. However, some drivers don’t meet those requirements and manage to land the job. Lack of training may be the death of them and others.

Overall Massive Size

Tractor-trailers are large and can weigh up to 90,000 tons. They are also very tall. Everything about it is massive. This alone can make the vehicle hard to operate, especially during moments you have to turn.

The large size can also make it hard to see the blind spots. The cargo within the truck can be just as dangerous when it is not loaded or shifted properly.

Reducing the Incidence of Tractor Trailer Accidents

No one expects to get involved in a vehicle accident. No one expects that they may fall asleep at the wheel or run through a red light when they do for the adrenaline. While tractor trailer accidents do not happen on purpose, there is a lot these drivers can do to reduce the risk and incidence.

When drivers practice more caution, they can take care of their life and prevent endangering others. If drivers could do that, we can help lower the incidence significantly.

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