Mazda Plans A New Crossover For 2021

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Mazda New Crossover 2021

If Mazda goes to extend sales, it’s about to would like additional crossovers. According to company chief executive officer (CEO) Masamichi Kogai, a new crossover that will not cannibalize sales of the CX-3, CX-5, and CX-9 is returning in 2021, to be engineered at the new United States. Manufactory Mazda is building in partnership with Toyota. The plant are going to be able to build 150,000 vehicles per year, which full capability is going to be reserved for the new CUV.

With 112,235 units oversubscribed, Mazda‘s popular vehicle within the us last year was, not amazingly, the CX-5. therewith in mind, it appears a secure bet that the new crossover are going to be a replacement for the interrupted CX-7 to fit on top of the CX-5 and below the CX-9. Kogai told Automotive News that the vehicle is going to be designed for America and engineered solely within the States.

“We are literally about to introduce a completely new and totally different kind of SUV,” aforesaid Kogai. we do not apprehend specifically what meaning, however, we tend to hope the new model line follows Mazda’s tradition of crossovers that are additional fun to drive than their main competitors.

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