8 Best Adorable and Safe Family Cars of 2017

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Basically, a family car is the word use in Europe to describe a normally-sized car. The name comes from the suitability of these cars to carry a whole family on vacation. On the other hand Originally a car suitable especially a vehicle of a larger-than-average size designed to carry adults and children. After reading this article you would be able to choose a most suitable or affordable family car of 2017.

Following are the upcoming family cars of 2017.

1) 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid:

2017 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid is a true family car of 2017. It is a family minivan and a safe car also. This Pacifica Hybrid will have two exclusive levels: Premium and Platinum. It uses the 3.6 liter V6 as the regular Pacifica, with more improvement.  It runs efficiently and two electric motors are powered with 16 kilowatt- hours more this car more effective. The system used in this family minivan produces 200 horsepower, 27 hp less than V6-produces by itself in this gas model 30 miles.

The main thing is that how to drive this family car. I think so it is not much difficult Because this car has quirky road manners, additional equipment and have a battery more than 600 pounds. It makes the car heavier and fast.  This family car has adorable functions with reasonable price. It has  287 @ 64000 rpm horsepower, front-wheel drive, 17 silver aluminum wheels, front air conditioning with cloth seat trim. Its interior is perfectly designed as a family car. The battery is placed in the middle of the van forces. This gas version of Pacifica Hybrid is starts at $43490.

This car has an excellent value of competition to its own gas version against other family cars. This Pacifica Hybrid introduce in the market for sale in 2017. So I am excited to see out this family car model as soon.

2) 2017 Ford Escape:

2017 Ford Escape

Ford Escape design like a perfect family car. It is a luxury car designed like a minivan family car. It offers 3 engine. Its engines give high performance with its twin scroll, turoto- charger technology. It is the smarter car than ever. It has a unique technology. It alerts you at a time of unintentional land drift, warm you of a vehicle in your blind spot. auto maneuver you into a tight parking spot or open the unavailable hand free, foot operated liftgate with just a gentle kick under the rear bumper. It also offers auto start and stops technology to save fuel while you to check your fuel level. it has remote to unlock and start your vehicle. It also gives a sports appearance package. It makes our journey battery and safely. It is an adorable and safe family car ever. Its price in 2017 will be $2360  a reasonable price to buy a good family car.

3) 2017 Mazda CX-5:

2017 Mazda CX-5

This car is also designed like a family minivan or family car. This car is in contract with CR-V, Toyota, RAV4, Nissan Rogue. The drivetrain capacity of this family car is 2.0 liters or 2.5 liters, four cylinder engine with rim-speed automatic wheel drive. After the launch of this car in 2012. It has become a hit car for the Japanese brand. Mazda CX-5 it’s second generation CX-5 compact family car which goes on sale in Japan for the first time in February 2017 before representing in other markets. The interior and exterior of this car are designed like a family car.

The CX-5 is a wider car from inside and this gives it a more visible role in the front-end look. So to fulfill a family car requirements the CX-5 seats arrange five people into two rows of seats. The seats are made up of white or black leather or black fabric to make the car more attractive and special seat heaters are fit in the car for both the front and back seats. if you want to buy a family car then it’s is the best choice.

4) 2017 Seat Leon Cupra 300:

2017 Seat Leon Cupra

Seat Leon Cupra 300 introduced in 2017 with more specifications as a family car. Its have 296 bhp and new all-wheel-drive estate which are introduced in a 2017 model year. It has its 2.0 liter turbocharged engine and produce maximum torque figure between 1800 rpm and 5500 rpm.The new technical changes are also used in this car, the refreshed Cupra gets more driver assistance system as compared to other one and new including family cars.

A traffic jam assist and a protection system are also used in this car for better technology the car’s media system are also improved adorable displayed 8in touchscreen screen, a smartphone wireless charging and phone signal boosting system is used in its interior design. This car fulfills a perfect family car requirements. CX-5 is introduced for the car in the march in markets. Its expected price is up to or starting from $28680.

5) 2017 Volkswagen Golf R:

2017 Volkswagen Golf R

The first Golf R was introduced in 2015 and later now Golf R is on the rampage in 2017 with some of the new modifications in it. This is a car with top-trim and dynamic chassis control system .yet it comes with automatic high beams as well as a driver assistance package. Its speed is up to 125mph and the power 170hp @ 4500 rpm and it covers zero to 60 mph in just 6.8 – 7.5 seconds. It is an effective and efficient family car with new features. its structure is rigid.It has 4 wheels and with the turbocharged and inter coded engine. At a time 5 person can travel in this car.

Volkswagen Golf R is one of the best car which gives great mileage with high performance. It is a technical advanced on the inside as it is under a hood. You can plug-in your smartphone for charging and watch your selected application appear on the touchscreen display of this luxury car. It has the sensor in the front to help monitor traffic, this feature can help Alert you to potential events ahead. This car is active safety and featured. these features make this car safe and adorable family car. The previous models of Volkswagen Golf R have officially earned 5 Stars overall from the safety rating from the national highway. The previous price value of this car models faces some issues. Maybe in 2017 it’s price is somehow less than $10000.

6) 2017 Honda CR-V:

2017 Honda CR-V

Honda faces some ups and down between last few years but this model of CR-V fulfill its all needs is just amazing No doubt this is a family car and the buyer would like it because the model is reliable and well-packed family car as well. Its interior is designed well it has the 7.0-inch touch screen and three-zone instrument cluster. Honda company is also a motorcycle maker and know about its customer choice well. In this CR-V there are some off small changes are make such as trim 25 amp USB port in the back.

There is a space of 1.6 inches more for passengers .or 2.5 inches for leg room it helps to drive smoothly and more the seat up and down. This car is 100 hp and 181hft while a 1.5 liter turbocharged four-cylinders with 90hp. It has 3300 to 3500 pounds depending on the trim. As well it’s interior is also adorable The front-wheel-drive turbo version boasts and EPA stating of 30 mpg. its price is a little bit more than the previous models. The price is between $200 and $650. its value depends on the trim level. it is a  perfectly designed family car.

7) 2017 jaguar F-Pace:

2017 jaguar F-Pace

This car is pretty one it’s handsome shape fits neatly the XE sedans with a tall gentle and LED lighting. The F-Pace matches and beautifully crossover -SUV body. The Jaguar F-Pace is an amazing five seater with enough space and made with some metals indeed it has six trim levels with a superpower of 3.0 liter V-6 that make 340 horsepower or top two of its trims make 380 hp.

This year it has four diesel cylinder that is of 180 hp. It teamed with a shifting 8 speed automatic and hit 60 mph in just 5.1 seconds. F-Pace is a comfort and safety car. In this car, there is a suitable space for five adult inside. It is basically a family car which is designed like a family minivan. The back row seats are split 40/20/40 and have 33.5 cubic feet up to 61.4 cubic space. The price of year 2016 Jaguar F-Pace start around $42390 right now but in 2017 it’s price is between $70000 of high ceiling F-Pace.

8) 2017 Audi Q7:

2017 Audi Q7

The second generation of Audi’s full-size SUV .it sit on all new platform which will also underpin Bentley’s. This car is a perfect family car .Q7 has large space sits and with other features which make it effective and efficient. The large Central display, handwriting touchpad an MMI system, the LED headlights, a premium bore audio system head up display, four-zone climate control increases its value. It has a result of taller glass and six-sided grille. it’s exterior is of aluminum which is lighter than steel.

It is an estimate that Q7 hits 60 mph in just 5.7sec. The heated leather Seats are used with power fronts adjuster in its interior. The seats have good adjustment and a decent grade of leather. The second line of seats has comfortable seating height and a footwell space due to large floor hump limits. There is also a third row of seats in it. This car is a perfect package of a family car. There is a large space of storage in his back. behind the third row, there is 14.8 cubic feet space. If we used to drop the second and third-row space is up to 71.6 cubic feet. The Q7  price of 2017 started to form $49950 – $55750. This is nicely equipped to start more than Q7 2015 car.

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