Is Oklahoma Safe for Drivers?

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When it comes to driving you simply can’t be too safe, with 6 million accidents a year you must be on high alert. We’ve all heard the car crash stories from Oklahoma but today we’re going to see if those claims are true.

The State sees a high number of motor vehicle accidents, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Just in 2019 alone, there were about 71,415 motor vehicle crashes reported. Which is up by about 6.7% from five years before that. To get even more specific these numbers include every type of accident. From minor fender benders and all the way up to major wrecks.

With that being said, Oklahoma ranks as the 27th state when compared to others across the US for most accidents per capita. The NHTSA data also shows us how there was about 18.8 car crashes for every 1,000 people in this state. This is only slightly more than the national average rate which was around 11.5 crashes per thousand people so not much higher at all. However, Florida took home first place when it came to most accidents per capita with them having one in four residents involved in an accident each year.

But there’s one thing that stands out among others and that’s rural areas. According to a study by “Oklahoma has over 70% rural land with many roads lacking proper infrastructure making them dangerous for drivers. According to Safe Roads USA: Fifty-seven percent (57%) of all traffic deaths occur on just one-fifth (21%) of America’s rural roads Every year between ’10-’18 rural road deaths declined by only .09%.”

CDC data reveals Oklahoma has the second-highest rate of drunk driving deaths in the country. In 2021, the state’s largest city, Oklahoma City, saw 123 injuries and 16 deaths due to drunk driving accidents.

Forbes recently ranked Oklahoma as the 4th worst state for drivers due to the high incidents of fatal accidents due to distracted driving and driving under the influence. When compared to other states, Oklahoma has a high amount of car accidents per licensed driver. Infrastructure improvements and reducing drunk and distracted driving can lead to improvements in road safety throughout the state.

Depending on how the data is analyzed, Oklahoma often doesn’t fair well when compared to other states. Whether driving on rural roads or busy city streets, accidents can occur at any time and lead to devastating injuries and even death. No matter which state your traveling in, avoid distractions and take caution on the roads.

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