3 Tips On Fixing Your Luxury Sports Car After An Accident

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Luxury sports cars are acquired at premium prices and, thus, require extra care and maintenance. Unfortunately, like all other types of cars, sports cars are not immune to accidents. Repairs like body lining, replacing damaged parts, or fixing the engine can also be quite heavier compared to cheaper cars.

This is why insurance companies play an important role in reducing the burden of repair costs. As a precaution, always having insurance in place improves the chances of recovery. It also mitigates the financial impact and distraction from your normal routine.

Below are some tips for fixing your luxury sports car after an accident:

  1. Contact Your Insurance Agent Immediately

If your luxury car has been involved in an accident, it’s a good idea to call your insurance agent after making sure the proper authorities have been contacted. Doing this puts in motion a chain of events that lead to your car getting fixed.

This is a breakdown of the assistance you can receive:

  • Towing Services– Luxury cars have special body paint, wheels, and other special parts that require keen handling. Insurance companies deal with numerous clients’ needs and recommend the best towing agent for professional handling.
  • Police Or Authorities Report– Accidents are a matter of public interest, and therefore, police reports and statements are needed. The agent will guide how best to handle such instances if this is your first accident.
  • Selection Of The Garage– After the vehicle is towed, the next destination is the garage. In liaison with the insurance agent, select a garage that will make quality and timely repairs. Some of the good garages’ indicators include certifications from AAA, Better Business Bureau, and the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). Online reviews can be instrumental in getting the best service as you can utilize social media and other independent reviews.

It’s important to have the insurance contacts in your phonebook for such reasons. The call can be a calming factor and offers reassurance while navigating the accident.

  1. FileAn Insurance Claim

Depending on the extent of damages, you may be required to call upon your insurance company. One point to note is that the insurance may not cover some vehicle repairs. A good insurance company can, therefore, improve the outcome of the compensation.

Below are some details you need to keep in mind:

  • Defendant’s Insurance – Accidents can result from the negligence of other parties. Your party can then coordinate with their insurance provider when such parties accept liability. Replacing some parts in luxury cars may be a tall order, so make sure you’re using all possible resources to maximize the payouts.
  • Own Insurance Cover – Schedule a meeting with your insurance agent to discuss the payable funds that will arise from the claim. The discussion can be centered around the quote from the garage selected at the first stage.

Sometimes, the insurance can offer a low-compensation package that may not meet all necessary repairs. In these instances, a Los Angeles car accident lawyer can offer mediation services or represent your interest to get a fair payout.

  • Luxury Car Write-Off– Some damages can be extensive for repairs. After insurance firms declare them as a write-off, find ways to improve the payouts.

An accident lawyer can help you improve compensation through negotiation with the insurance providers.

  1. Conduct The Repairs

While conducting repairs, your supervision and pre-qualification of garages play a huge role. You’re looking to have your luxury sports car restored to its former glory, after all.

Below are some considerations that can improve the outcome of your repairs:

  • Rental Car/Courtesy Car– Talk to your insurance provider if they can provide a car for you to use during the repair period. Alternatives such as a rental car can reduce the pressure on the repairing team for a better outcome.
  • Quality Of Repairs– The luxury car needs exquisite body finishing and painting, as well as proper wheel alignment. Areas like the engine need good technological diagnosis and fixing. Other systems like the AC, lighting system, and the braking system need to be checked for optimum performance.
  • Warranty Of Spare Parts– Ensure the parts used have warranties; this offers a backup plan and better value for the repair costs.
  • Interiors– Ensure that the leather seats, dashboards, the heating system, automatic locks, and car carpets are restored properly.


Accidents involving luxury sports cars can be costly to repair or rectify. The outcome, however, can be improved by working closely with your insurance agent. The collaboration will set in motion a good choice of the garage, commensurate compensation, and a speedy process.

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