2020 Kia Telluride Review – Pros and Cons

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Kia is a name which has a huge fan following based on its cars and other gadgets. The technology It uses is always the modern one and up to date. Their vehicle holds special value as the Kia company prefers to deliver family cars, more like SUVs.

Today we are talking about the 2020 Kia Telluride which has been getting some hot reviews based on its looks and promises that the company has made. According to the details that we have received, it has everything; the space, fuel efficiency, and comfort of its passengers. But it the hype worth the price? Let’s have a look.

About the Car:

This car has got some fair review, which speaks highly about the factors like fuel efficiency and comfort. The space topic is also very highlighted and appreciated. This is, in fact, the biggest SUV that Kia has ever launched.

Everything about it from seating to the technology used in the manufacturing is of the latest version. The infotainment system is upgraded, and it has ample space for not only people but also language.


2020 Kia Telluride Engine

The power this monstrous SUV holds under its hood is impressive in its own place. The 3.8-liter with eight-speed automatic transmission.

Though the transmission is swift and smooth, it lacks that special touch which should have been present to support the fact it possesses 291 horsepower and 262 lb. Ft. of torque. The figures are impressive enough to celebrate this car, which is better than many competitors.


2020 Kia Telluride Interior

The interior is well managed and well-constructed. It looks like a mixture of the top luxurious vehicles. The seats are done with exclusive leather while other the inclusion of strained wood makes it top-notched. The 10.3 touch screen looks rather ravishing although the system is up to standard.

All the security features like parking, blind spot, collision alert, and others are present. The cabin has noise canceller so you will not be disturbed by the outside noise. Space is enough for 7-8 people sittings. For cargo, the last seats can be folded and create more space; otherwise, space is enough for cargo in comparison with other vehicles.


2020 Kia Telluride Exterior

The shape of this vehicle is simply monstrous. Too huge and big, even for an SUV. The front of the vehicle is a strong look with a wide grille and rectangular headlights. The material used is authentic and supports different mix materials like aluminum buttons and knobs.

The taillights are slim and LED, and they support the vehicle in an excellent manner. The dynamics of the vehicle is something worth explaining, as the steering is supreme light and wheels support it like anything. Though some complain that the expansions are the way to spongy, the engineers a Kia had injected sports effects into the body which brings the speed factor to highlight. Since the vehicle has different modes, the effect is visible on steering.


  • Sever to eight-person seating space
  • Comfortable ride
  • Safety features are present
  • Easy guidance system
  • Fairly priced


  • Not enough space for small items
  • Speed is respectively less
  • No powertrain upgrades are available


If you are a large family and plans to get together a lot, then this vehicle is ideal for you. With moderate price and space abundance for luggage and people, this SUV by Kia is all ready to take to form one place to another with ease.

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