The Future of Trucking Safety – Technological Advances and Their Impact on Accidents

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Safety for the truck industry is of the utmost importance. Truck drivers are faced with numerous challenges on the road every day but one of them should never be their safety. One of the biggest challenges they have had to overcome recently is the Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19) pandemic as it has ensured both truck driver safety and product transportation safety. Technological advancements have emerged to promise safety measures around the world and reduce the number of truck accidents. This blog article examines these technological advancements and the impact they have on trucking safety.

1. Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs)

In December 2017, ELDs became a mandatory installation for all trucks. This device records the hours the driver has been driving, how far the vehicle has traveled, how much gas it has used, and when the engine is on or off. This helps prevent fatigue by ensuring the driver complies with the hours of service they are required. ELDs are reducing the number of accidents caused by drowsiness or fatigue.

2. Advanced Driver Assistance (ADAS)

This type of system uses sensors, cameras, and other technology to detect hazards on the road by alerting the driver. This could be with an automatic emergency brake, blind spot detection, or lane departure warnings. As this system advances, it has the potential to reduce potential truck accidents immensely that may have been caused by human error.

3. Autonomous Trucks

Autonomous trucks use sensors and artificial intelligence to drive themselves without any human intervention. This type of technology would reduce accidents caused by human error such as distracted driving.

4. Telematics

Lastly, technological advancements such as telematics collect data on driving behavior, vehicle performance, and more. The data from this type of technology can help identify safety risks, such as speeding, abrupt braking, or aggressive driving. Moreover, telematics can help improve driving behavior and reduce the likelihood of accidents.

Overall Impact of Adopting Technological Advancements on Trucking

These types of technological advancements listed above are likely to have a significant impact on trucking safety. They have the potential to reduce accidents and injuries as well as save lives. Likewise, this will reduce the insurance costs of trucking companies. There are some challenges associated with these technologies such as the high cost associated with implementing these technologies and the concern about privacy and data. With there are still challenges to overcome, the adoption of these technologies will be crucial in ensuring the safety of truck drivers and others on the road.

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