How to Selling Your Car in Dubai

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Selling Your Car in Dubai

You can sell the cars regardless of the condition or year. You can earn your cash in just 30 minutes and get a fair price when you sell your car. There are many companies which offer the settlement for fines or mortgage and then you can pay the remaining balance. Many companies offer the Assurance of providing you with increased Amounts Than the hand-written amount. Most of the companies are highly trusted in UAE. You can visit the following website for the best prices and one of the highly trusted company.

Selling a car is usually a hectic process in UAE when compared to buying a new car. You need to search for the best deals to sell your car in UAE. There are many great options for selling your car in UAE. You can consider the value of your car by an estimated amount from the online calculator. It allows you to determine the best price for your car. There are many companies which are committed to providing you with the best customer service regarding the selling processes of your cars.

You can prefer selling the cars by considering the two options which include either trading Up or sell the cars privately.

In the first path, it’s Highly convenient, without any Hassle and a perfect stop for selling the car by taking a care of everything. The documents which are required can be easily obtained or signed eventually by the dealer. Every dealer usually deals with all the documents and take cares of each and every requirement. The cons of this process include the low prices offered by the dealers when compared to selling the cars privately.

Simple Steps to Sell Cars in Dubai:

Following are the Simple steps which you need to consider before you planning to sell your car in Dubai:

  • Do the research regarding the model of your car, its condition and year along with-it decide the price for your cars. Try using for searching the prices and refine the search using filters.
  • Place an ad regarding your car on Dubizzle which will charge around AED200. You need to place photos, details, location, and perspective of the buyer along with the email address and contact number.
  • Mention sensible prices that you demand and expect at least 50-60% of what you have demanded. Don’t Expect higher prices from the first callers.
  • Many dealers might also call you asking out the real price and few might turn up to inspect your car.
  • Be flexible when you are quoting the price of your car.
  • You need to offer test drives and complete Inspection of your car, once you are willing to sell it. However, do not allow complete strangers to inspect or test drive your car.
  • Some genuine buyers might want a mechanic to inspect your car so it’s their right.
  • Take 5% deposit if the buyer is 100% interested because shaking Hands or reluctance to pay deposit are usually the signs that your deal is not going to happen.
  • Give a printed receipt, the once-the buyer has Agreed to buy the car.

Bottom Line:

The Dubai Road Transport Authority manages the procedures strictly which are Simple for the seller but there are Simple do’s and don’ts such as clear your financial dues if you have purchased the car on bank loan. The cars have to pass through the RTA’s Road worthiness Inspection for approval. Visit the following website for a complete Understanding of the registration process. Never accept a cheque from the buyer while you sell your car. Consider the following links to getting a better Understanding of how to sell cars in Dubai

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