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Car upgrades come in different flavours, but if you’re looking to get better handling, improved stability, increased ride comfort, and the performance needed for faster track times, then nothing beats an uprated suspension. Upgrading your vehicle’s shocks and struts is a simple solution if you’re after reduced body roll in turns, better braking, increased traction, and more responsive acceleration. In addition, the car can be lowered or raised depending on where and how you’ll be driving, and this in turn can be used to good effect in getting the stance you’re after.

Choosing a trusted brand to take your car to next level isn’t as hard as it seems. In the realm of suspension upgrades, one brand that stands well above the rest is Bilstein. The German brand is eponymous with monotube gas-pressure shocks, a design that revolutionised motoring and has been copied ever since. With lighter weight, increased vehicle control, better heat dissipation, and a high level of adjustability, monotubes became an integral part first in racing applications, and then in everyday driving. And they’re the foundation around which coil overs, with integrated springs (partnering with springs specialist Eibach), are built.

While these are geared for outright performance, the company also produces standard OE replacement shocks for improved ride quality and comfort in everyday driving. What Bilstein does better than its competitors is to fine-tune its suspension for each vehicle separately, and this simplifies the buying process.

Product Lineup

Suspension Kits

Adjustability, consistent performance, and reliability. The B12, B14, and B16 range pair the best Bilstein shocks with industry-leading Eibach springs to deliver coilovers at the top of their game. These are synchronised to work perfectly with one another and provide the best possible handling and control at all speeds. They allow adjustments for compression and rebound rates, spring preload, vehicle height, camber, and more. Let’s take a closer look.


These are the entry-level, non-adjustable coilover proposition coming in two distinct options – the B12 Sportline and B12 Pro-kit. The first consists of a set of four B8 shocks (more on these below) paired with Eibach Sportline lowering springs to get the car down 50mm lower. The shocks are 20 percent stiffer than typical factory offerings, have internal bump stops, and pair well with the springs to provide a comfortable yet firm ride.

The B12 Pro-kit combines the same B8 shocks with Eibach Pro kit lowering springs for a great balance between performance and looks.


For competition and track day use, go a step up with the B14 suspension kit. This is a somewhat firmer ride than the B12s, but more compliant than the standard setup in performance cars, meaning it’s great for road use too. The B14 threaded coilovers feature height adjustability while fitting to factory top mounts, so installation is quick without incurring additional costs.



To enjoy the convenience of height and dampening adjustment in one package and all the company has to offer, get the B16 kit. Height can be adjusted between 30 to 50mm with a simple twist of the collars, while the parallel adjustment of compression and rebound in 10 incremental stops is done with a twist of a dial. This is fine-tuning brought to perfection. The threaded (upside-down) monotube design is durable yet lightweight, with spring seats and lock rings made from special aluminium alloy. The company also throws in its Triple-C technology, a three-layer coating for lasting durability against corrosion.

The B16 setup can be combined with the company’s Ride control to adjust suspension firmness from the cabin. If the car comes with adjustable (or adaptive) suspension, look to the Damptronic B16 variants for a smooth transition between driving modes.


Here you’ll find the B4, B6, and B8, each offering a step up in performance as you go up the range. The B4 are considered OEM replacements, though built to higher standards and with more durable materials. Depending on the vehicle, they come in either a monotube or twin-tube design. The proprietary gas-pressure technology offers higher traction, improved handling, consistent performance, and longer durability than factory offerings. Ideal for high-speed highway use and short bouts on the track.

A step up are the B6 shocks. These perfectly meld performance and comfort while retaining the stock springs and forgoing the need to lower the car. The design is also visibly different from the B4s in that they are inverted monotubes, rated for higher loads, and guaranteed to provide more fun and increased safety. These too pair well with electronic systems when carrying the ‘Damptonic’ moniker.

For anyone wanting to lower vehicle height with a set of lowering springs, then the Bilstein B8 shocks are what to get. These are shorter than the B6 shocks in order to allow coil preload adjustment. The inverted design, with the larger shock diameter, allows for better control when the vehicle comes under increased side loads. In addition, the lower and stiffer setup, with reduced spring travel, vastly improves handling and control for everyday street use and is often the shock of choice for performance cars used in competitive racing and motorsports.

Why Choose Bilstein?

Why Choose Bilstein?

Any shock or coilover configuration from the German suspension specialists is designed with ride quality, comfort, handling and ultimate control in mind. Specifically for their patented monotube shocks, the pressurised nitrogen and advanced valving allow for precise and fast damping, keeping tyres in constant contact with the road and ensuring maximum safety and vehicle control. Something that other manufacturers promise, but fail to deliver without significant compromises.

Inherent to the monotube design is better heat dissipation, nulling any possibility of shock fade, and at the same time, extending part life. Excessive heat from the oil is transferred to the outer shock body, and the dividing piston prevents the buildup of air (aeration) and loss of oil viscosity. Damping performance, therefore, is consistent regardless of heat levels.

Dependable performance is also backed up by longevity. Unlike other shock absorber manufacturers, these are precision formed with a unique extrusion process that ensures high strength and tight tolerances in the tube which are then coated and mated with a steel chromed shaft, CNC machined valves and high-quality seals. Each shock is then ride-tested to ensure it lasts.

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