Porsche Taycan Crosses Turismo Been Confirmed For 2020 Launch

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When Porsche talked about going all electric, they were not joking. Working harder than ever, Porsche is all set to launch its all-electric SUV Taycan in 2020 while the crossover of the derivative Taycan crosses Turismo in the first half of the next decade that is 2021.

It may seem totally fair to produce something outstanding, the workforce needs to notch up a little. The latest statement by the Porsche Company Chairman of Executive Board Mr. Oliver Blume told media that they have doubled the job in the past in seven years.

To keep up with the latest trends and market flow, they have created many new job and opportunities for more people to come forward.

Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo Concept

To put it in simple words, they added 1,500 new jobs for the production of Taycan only. This only means that people at Porsche are headed in the right direction.

With increased workforce and effort, they will be creating something outstanding for you. Another reason why we cannot wait for the launch of all-electric Taycan.

Porsche Mission E

Also, to the Porsche, the company has set eyes to the release of the Taycan cross Turismo as to see the expectations of the customers.

It is being expected that 2025 will feature half of the fleet of Porsche to be electrified which may not excite some hard-core engine lovers but hear this, Porsche is not willing to compromise the working of the engine and speed along with other qualities which have been the trademark of Porsche in the past.

Source: Porsche

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