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Nishit Kamath

When Nishit Kamath isn’t working as a designer, (which is never), the entrepreneur and founder of PrintWithinheads to the mountains for a drive up the Angeles Crest, or to the beach to watch the sunset. The Mumbai, India native now makes his home in Los Angels where design is not only a passion but life.

An interest in automobiles from a young age allowed Nishit to dream beyond societal norms of his native Mumbai, India. A five year old’s sketch of a car was a blueprint for the window into Nishit’s professional life today.

Nishit studied in Los Angeles, earning a Masters degree in transportation systems and design at the ArtCenter College of Design. Nishit was one of the first chosen for the pilot version of this program and its first official graduate. The diversity and curriculum of the program are one of only two offered in the world. Students study all aspects of transportation from urban planning, human behavior, identifying future directions in technology, assessing access and usability, customer experience and strategy, and vehicle packaging. While at the ArtCenter College of Design, Nishit earned success and recognition on several projects: The ArtCenter Bus Tracking app: Reach, and a vehicle interior concept for a semi-autonomous Mini Cooper: Vision Semi-Autonomy 2020. Nishit’s graduate thesis was Air hound. With assistance from JPL, GT Aeronautics and Flyspan Systems (three distinct firms in the field of aerospace), he explored the field of search and rescue, bringing a solution to reducing the time required to find and evacuate an injured victim in national parks across the United States.

Post graduation, Nishit designed for The CARLAB working on vehicle packaging projects, automotive clinics, advanced consultancy for Subaru, Acura, Honda, Mahindra, Toyota, Karma Automotive, and Nissan. At Flyspan Systems, Nishi designed their collateral standards and developed conceptual drone systems for aquaculture, infrastructure inspection, law enforcement and search and rescue. At Rivian Automotive, Nishit worked on an electric car stealth startup based in Livonia Michigan, as a design researcher in their customer experience and strategy team–focusing on user experience by virtue of developing research and testing frameworks for its premium electric vehicles due launch in 2020. In 2016, as their Chief Design OfficeratFlyspan Systems, Nishit furthered the development of drone analytics and fleet management from a design point of view. In 2017, while on board with Flyspan, Nishit was hired at MAKEiT to take over leadership of their customer experience and support.

Nishit’s experience at MAKEiT opened the door to a new path in his design career – he discovered 3D printing.

“3D printing to me is the game changing technology in traditional manufacturing of products. The added value is the on-demand ability to quickly produce an idea into 3D form. Have an Idea? Print it. That’s the goal.”

At MAKEiT, Nishitmet his business partner and now good friend, Muireadhach Currie. With a mutual dream of being their own bosses and tackling the world of 3D Printing, they formed PrintWithin, a 24/7 – 3D printing service and design consultancy. Nishit Kamath is the co-founder and lead designer if PrintWithin, offering high quality 3D prints at affordable prices.

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