New Burnout Record at the Summernats, Australia

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If you are wondering what Summernats is, it is a four-day event filled with the show-cases of the motor vehicles. It is quite a popular motoring scene in Australia.

Almost 100,000 people showed up this year with nearly 2500 cars were at the display to show their cruises, horsepower, and speed and not to mention tire smoke.

Yes, you read it right. Aussies have this crazy event in which cars burn their tires with sheer speed.

Burnout Record:

As we know that when we, Northern Hemisphere people) are having winters; southern hemisphere enjoys the hot sun and cool breeze of summers. Every year, this annual event is held in summers in Canberra, Australia.

Burnout Record

This year the burnout event was set to break the existing world record. This time, a total number of 126 cars took part in the competition and burned their tires for about 30 seconds.

It was not before the cars got hidden in the smoke produced by the burning of the tires. After the careful calculation and analysis, it was declared that the record was broken by the Aussies. You can say that 252 tires melted the record of burnout.

Australia on breaking the Guinness World record

The previous record included the participation of 119 cars and was held by Saudi Arabia.

Now I must say that no matter how much Aussies love their traditions and how massive burnout runs in their blood but on the bigger picture, has anyone even stopped for a second and thought about the effect the burnt tire smoke will have on the environment.

Guinness World record

It can be disastrous but hey! That is me talking. It is a big motor event which is appreciated by everyone, and we must congratulate Australia on breaking the Guinness World record. Congrats mates, you smoked it!

Source: Summernats via YouTube

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