How to Respond to Negative Car Reviews

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So many means of transportation existed before the advent of automobiles. Some of them like horses, bicycles, and carriages were used in ancient times to move goods and people from one destination to another. In recent times, however, cars have become one of the most popular means of transportation because of the comfort and convenience it provides. It has also witnessed many technological changes that have made it better and more efficient.

Buying a new or fairly used car can be a tough decision but with some tips to guide you, it is certain to make things easier. One of the things that can help you make this decision is reading customer online reviews. This can be found on the websites of most automobile dealers. Their experiences are not just about the brand but also the vehicle’s features.

This feedback from past clients comes in both positive and negative forms. These messages have a huge impact on your buying decision so do not take them for granted. If you need help on how these reviews work, you can click on this link

Key Guide to Buying a Car

Getting a car is definitely a huge decision and should be done carefully. There’s a need to carry out research, get the right location, and find out the price before negotiating. Technology has however helped to simplify these processes so that they can be easy and stress-free. The following steps will help you to make a favorable decision.


This is the first step to take. It is vital to gather information on the type of automobile and features that suits your needs. Several websites offer complete details on various rides and their prices. There are also reviews from experts and consumers on those cars with features that are ideal for your needs. Once you have made a list, it’s time to move to the next step.


You need to draw up a plan on how to pay for the car in case you intend to pay from your savings or to get a loan. You may apply for a pre-approved car loan so this gives you an idea of what is affordable after deducting the interest rate. Most loans often last 72 months although it is advisable to go for one not exceeding 60 months. Ensure you are ready to make a purchase within two weeks of getting pre-approval in order to decrease the number of hard inquiries to your debt history.

Locate and Test Drive

When you have settled for a few dealers, you may contact them to schedule a test drive. If you located them on the internet, call the sales department to verify the automobile you want is in stock and to get more information. Do not show up without booking an appointment because the car may not be available for a test drive upon your arrival. Take time during the test drive to observe how it functions on different roads and how easily the controls can be used. Don’t feel pressured into making a purchase that day but think through the decision. If you would like to know how important test driving is to your decision-making, read this article.

Check for Warranties and Sale Price

After you have decided on the ride, do a comparison of the total selling prices of about three dealers who have the same automobile. This should include any extra accessories that are installed. Get information on products that are offered after purchase such as an initial maintenance plan, an extended warranty, and even paint protection check caliper painting near me. The price shouldn’t be the only factor to consider.

Make Purchase and Take Delivery

Once you have settled for a price, you may go ahead to sign the contract after carefully reviewing it to ensure the numbers match up without hidden charges or fees. Delivery may be made at your home or the dealership. Check for scratches or possible dents that may have happened while transporting it. You should be taken on a tour and shown how to use the gadgets and other safety devices.

How to Use Negative Car Reviews

Negative feedback should not be seen as a setback to not buying a particular automobile but rather as a means that help you make an informed decision. Every car company receives poor reviews, even when they offer good quality services. So how can you use reviews in your purchasing decision? Here are some key features that can help:


If you find it hard to trust a bad testimonial, why don’t you visit the dealership to confirm it? When you get to the place, notice how the staff converse with customers. Also, check the faces of the clients. Do they look forced to make a decision or are they truly happy? This evaluation will help you make an informed choice.


The number of years the car dealer has been in the business will help you know whether to rely on negative feedback or not. How so? If the company has been in the business for a long, it is common for it to have some clients that are not satisfied with its services. But since it is still in operation even with such testimonials, you can still trust its services. There is something the dealer does right and this is why it has not folded up or gone bankrupt.

Online Reputation

When an auto firm keeps offering poor services, it will only receive poor reviews. Before long, many people would boycott its services. But there are times that fellow competitors will spread fake testimonials about the firm and ruin its online reputation. This seldom happens but it is very possible.

There are some online tools that help to deduce whether a review is false or not. One of this is third-party review websites. These sites are not affiliated with any company or its counterpart. Testimonials from the websites are confirmed before being posted. So you can always check the sites out.

Another tool that can help is the better business bureau website. The better business bureau rates different firms from different industries based on their experience, reputation, legal dispute, and online complaints. Its rating system ranges from A+ to F- with A+ being the highest. Make sure to consult a business review site to check out the dealer you have in mind before making any final decision.

Customer Support Service

Another way to confirm a negative review is by contacting the customer service of the dealership. See how this representative responds to your questions. Was the conversation smooth or was the service representative coercing you into making a decision? Consider the manner and approach of the customer service. This will give you an idea of how the company relates to clients and whether it is reputable or not.


Customer feedback plays a huge role in affecting a brand’s reputation and a customer’s buying decision. Since we live in a digital world, people would always have something to say online about a company’s services. Whatever they say helps others not to make a hasty purchase of different products. This doesn’t mean that every feedback is true. Even the best car dealership have negative feedback from their clients, so keep in mind the above-mentioned factors when using an online review in your buying decision.

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