How To Replace Struts on Your Car

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Strut is an essential component of any vehicle’s suspension system, and as well as it is very significant, just in case, if things like stopping, handling, and riding in a convenience, matter to you.

However, in simple words, the function of a strut would be to create a shock absorber and also a coil spring combination, which can able to working together to smooth out bumps in the street further.

Although struts are worn points since they are the actual ones who can easily absorb countless bumps that can be seen in the road, though, that’s why experts suggest that to replacing the struts on your car every 50,000 miles.

Thus, this will finally improve handling, gives you a smoother ride, and as well as offer you with shorter stopping distances, along with other benefits when you change the struts.

Furthermore, if you notice that your higher mileage vehicle going through with such symptoms which are given below, then the chances are to replace your struts right away:

  • Extreme bounce after finding a bump in the street.
  • Swaggering from side to side.
  • If you suffer from the front-end diving downwards, what the time of braking.
  • When you notice the fluid leaking from the strut just at the moment when you park your car.

Things you will Need to Replace Struts on your Car

Here we summed up such tools which you need the most during the time of replacing struts on your car. So, before starting your replacing process, it is always better to gather up all the important and mention tools right in front of you for better management.

Have a look at those tools below and prepare yourself for replacing the struts on your car without any complications or issues.

  • Car strut assemblies.
  • Breaker bar.
  • Basic hand tools.
  • Jack and jack stand.
  • Penetrating oil.
  • Shop towels.

NOTE: That would be recommended for you to get quick struts, these would be included such strut along with the coil spring. However, because of this, it will eliminate the actual need to compress the spring further when strutting removal, and that’s how your replacing job becomes much easier, safer, and as well as quicker.

A complete Process to Replace Struts on your Car

With the help of such steps, you will easily replace your car struts without taking any mechanic help as well. These steps are well defined for you so that you can easily change or replace struts without any issue.

Step 1

At first, just try to loosen the front tire’s lug nuts, but be careful, you don’t need to remove completely.

Step 2

Now, your next step would be to easily jack up one side of your car and then just place a jack stand below it so that it can secure the car.

Step 3

Now, remove the vehicle’s lug nuts completely and wheel too.

Step 4

Find the stud and further look for such brake lines that might be fastened to it. If you find some, then you need to be more careful while removing the overall brake line and as well as its fasteners with giving you no damaging them.

Step 5

Now, you need to unscrew the bolts, which you can see on the bottom area of the strut, joining it to the wheel or steering components.

However, you can also take help with spray-on penetrating oil, breaker bar, and a socket, and also box wrench to further remove stubborn bolts, just in case, if they’re rusted.

Step 6

Now, in this step, you need to open the hood and further locate the top area of the stud. That’s how it’s attached to the car. Also, on many vehicles, you can see it as three bolts that available in a circular pattern nearby a center bolt.

However, you don’t need to remove the center bolt, because the strut can be compressed below high pressure and also, it can loosen the center bolt, and that’s why it may allow it to fly loose, and as well as damaging things that come in its path. You need just to remove those three bolts circling the center bolt.

Step 7

It is a time to gently remove old strut assembly of your vehicle from the wheel properly, here, you need to make sure to further avoiding contact directly with the CV axle or even though, to the drive axle, and that’s how you won’t damage them.

Step 8

Though, go ahead and further install the quick strut while following out its manufacturer’s directions. Be careful at the time of installing. You need to make sure about every step.

Step 9

Well, at that point, you need to repeat the procedure now to change struts on your vehicle’s other side further. This may take likewise several minutes or so, but if you learn things properly, you can change it within seconds.

Step 10

Now, this would be your last step, where you need to take your vehicle to go for a low-speed test drive. Once you got the confirmation of your repairing, simply head down to the trusted repair facility concerning an alignment.

That’s it! You have successfully done with your replacing struts on your car.


To easily replace or change the struts on your car, you need to be more focused and trained so that you can properly handle the task. However, if you find any difficulty while handling the struts changing process, then we suggest you take help with a professional one.

Although replacing struts on your car would be an easy task for those who actually follow the rules and steps properly. So, we hope those above-mentioned steps will provide you a good help in the process of replacing struts in your vehicles.

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