How to Install a Block Heater

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An engine block heater is a kind of a simple device that works in a way to uses electricity so that it could power a heating element, which may further warm up the engine block and also engine oil.

However, it also depends on the style and model of the heater; it may also warm up the coolant. Although there would be several styles, of course, they all work normally in the same way, through plugging within a standard electrical outlet along with a goal of warming up the entire car’s engine oil before starts the engine.

The pressure of such cold winter temperatures might be becoming very hard on our vehicles, just the way they are on you, so here you can help your vehicle and get a smooth ride with the help of an engine block heater.

Normally, block heaters come with a commonly cost under $100. However, it may also offer you with multiple benefits, and as well as, they are very easy enough to further install by any beginner individual within an hour.

Benefits of a block heater?

Here come some of those important benefits of the block heaters, you can see them below:

  • They will help to give you a cold engine an easier start, because of warm oil being thinner and also less viscous due to the cold.
  • The block heaters will also provide a kind of extra engine protection because the warm oil can easily circulate better
  • Earlier treatment of cabin heater due to faster warmups
  • It will also help in a way to further increase gas mileage up to a required 10 percent gain, and as well as reduced emissions so that vehicles can easily operate most efficiently at average operating temp.

Steps to install a block heater

However, you may find the easiest type of block heaters to install easily would be the magnetic or as well as flexible pad type, because they can attach better to the oil pan.

Although these are the great universal block heaters available in the market, all thanks to their convenience and easy to install option, and also, you can easily utilize them on various vehicles, such as ATVs and also snowmobiles, or you can even use it to melt frozen pipes.

Furthermore, let’s check out the process of how to install a block heater very easily; you need to read the below points carefully.

Things you will need

  • Engine Block Heater
  • Gloves
  • Jack
  • Ratchet and socket set
  • Jack stands.

Step 1:

Starting with the jacking up your car’s front and further secure with the help of the jack stands. However, those heavy trucks or those high-clearance vehicles can even skip out to this step.

Step 2:

Then, you need to open the hood.

Step 3:

If you find out that your vehicle has a kind of a block heater port, find an open port into the engine block. This is usually the place where it was implemented, along with a block heater. However, you may then need to push down a coolant hose, or you can also get under the engine and further comes below the exhaust manifolds.

If in some cases, your vehicle doesn’t have this kind of a block heater port, then you should have to hold a freeze plug removed in a manner to install a block heater then.

Step 4:

Here in this step, you need to wear the safety gloves, now coat the heating element along with the help of the thermal grease. Also, make sure you don’t want just to go heavy coating of the grease.

Step 5:

Now, just go with the easy process and simply slide the heating element inside the block until you see it clicks and then, it fits right inside.

Step 6:

Now, again, connect the wiring through plugging it inside the heating element.

Step 7:

Route the cable aside from your car’s engine bay to a place of your choice, for example, back to a fog light or even though, under the grille.

Step 8:

Take help with the strong zip ties so that you can easily secure the cable in the exact place.

Step 9:

Now, here in this step, you need to put the cap onto the outlet of the cable to further protect it from such elements at the time of not in use.

Step 10:

Then, simply plug in the block heater before the hours of driving like two to three hours. However, you can also connect it and left it overnight, which unnecessarily utilizes extra electricity.

With the help of using an outlet timer, it will make for automatic operation, by which you won’t neglect or skip to power it on at the time before your morning ride.

PRO TIP: always make sure to tighten down the zip ties completely so that the cable won’t be able to move or to get to lose. And this simple thing can able to prevent your car’s engine vibrations from making rubbing wear.

Different types of block heater

  • Inline coolant heaters: this is actually one of those oldest ways to heat up the coolant engine.
  • Oil pan heaters: they are also very easy and effective as well.
  • Freeze plug heaters: if your vehicle already appears with the freeze plug, then you may find an easy way to install the freeze plug heaters.
  • Drain plug heaters: this may works for the same purpose, just like the freeze plug heaters. However, the only difference is their installation.
  • Cartridge heaters: if you are looking for easy installation and an engine heater, which is highly effective, then cartridge heaters would be your best choice.


So, now you know how to install a block heater, right?

We hope you like the above guidelines on how to easily install a block heater on your own. Then, try it and do let us know how you do it and share the information with your friends as well.

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