Heartbreaking Image of McLaren Senna on Fire

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Yes, it is true. Our most favorite brand’s car just got flamed up, and there was nothing anyone could have done. It happens to the famous you tuber Salomondrin who along with his wife watches with broken heart as his favorite and recently bought McLaren Senna went up in flames.


This sad incident happened to Salomondrin a famous YouTuber who has recently purchased this amazing 789 horsepower machine. It was only 11 days with only 400 miles driving on it when the car got fire unexpectedly.

Heartbreaking Image of McLaren Senna

He reported that he and his wife were coming back home when he saw that flames were being spitted out from the car’s exhaust. Then he realized that he was in such an area where the road has trees on both sides.

So, he got out of the car as soon as possible and pulled his wife along with him to a save location with less vegetation. As soon as they were out of it, the car erupted into FLAMES.

Many cars which are passing by stopped to look at this horrific scene while many were went by just looking at it. Due to such rush, the firefighters were blocked from reaching the in-flame car on time. But they did put out the fire, and to everyone’s horror, noting was felt of the car.


Apparently, no reason has been given as to why this fire started. But the investigation will sure undergo as the brand name is at skate here.

We are after all talking the McLaren people, and life’s total saving can be spent in the purchase of such an expensive yet amazing powerful drive.


We all are aware of that constant struggle we go through when we want to buy our first brand new car. Buying a brand-new car is a luxury which most of us do not get to enjoy, but we dream on.

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