Top 10 Fastest Electric Cars in the World (Including New Tesla Roadster)

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Just a couple of years ago all of the top speed and acceleration competitions were mostly conducted between gasoline guzzling four-wheelers, while electric cars, maybe with the exception of Teslas, were laughed at for their lack of power and slow speeds. But it does seem the days of internal combustion domination are coming to an end since all-electric autos are confidently entering the top speed and acceleration competition.

Today we will review Top 10 Fastest Electric Cars in the World that will be able to compete and probably beat internal combustion hypercars!

Tesla Roadster:

Tesla Roadster

The new Roadster has actually surpassed any expectations of the most optimistic Tesla fans. It will be the fastest production automobile ever created in terms of acceleration beating Venom F5, Bugatti Chiron, Agera RS and all of the other hypercars, you name them.

Zombie 222:

Zombie 222

Zombie 222, is the pinnacle of Bloodshed Motors mechanical genius and it is a modified 1968 Mustang Fastback. The 222 also destroys the quarter mile under 10 seconds and can reach the top speed of 178 miles per hour.

Tachyon Speed:

Tachyon Speed

This is an all-electric supercar developed by the California-based start-up RAESR, which stand for Rice Advanced Engineering Systems & Research.

Tesla Model S P100D:

Tesla Model S P100D

P100D has electronically limited speed to 155 miles per hour, But it is speculated if properly adjusted and re-programmed, this car shall be able to go as fast as 200 miles per hour.

Lucid Air:

Lucid Air

The current top speed record for an electric car is currently held by Lucid Air, a premium electric sedan that hit 235 miles per hour mark in July 2017. great hopes that Lucid will succeed.

Rimac Concept S:

Rimac Concept S

When the Concept S from the Croatian manufacturer Rimac was initially released it managed to compete with the fastest hypercars of this world. However as time passed and competition rolled out incredibly powerful and fast electric cars like Nio EP9 and Vanda Dendrobium, Concept S also had to evolve.

Nio EP9:

Nio EP9

The Chinese manufacturer NextEV proudly calls their Megawatt electric hypercar the fastest in the world. With 1341 horsepower output, and it does show some spectacular performance.

Aspark Owl:

Aspark Owl

Acceleration to 60 under 2 seconds, will grant Owl the title of the fastest production automobile in the world alongside the upcoming Tesla Roadster 2.0, but results for both automobiles have yet to be documented by independent experts.

Vanda Dendrobium:

Vanda Dendrobium

As the prototype, Dendrobium is sporting two electric motors, one per each axel with the joined yield of 1014 horsepower, top speed 200 mph and 2.6 seconds 0-60 acceleration.

Techrules Ren:

Techrules Ren

Techrules Ren is a turbine recharging electric vehicle and the final production design of the series supercar from Techrules, which is a follow up to the concept AT96.

Lamborghini Terzo Millennio:

Lamborghini Terzo Millennio

At this stage of development, the all-electric supercar from Lamborghini Terzo Millenio is just a concept with a very vague release date sometime after 2020.

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