Customizing Your Vehicle: 5 Popular Truck Mods

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Everyone is unique and has their own sense of style. Style doesn’t always apply to how we dress and adorn our bodies. It can also encompass our homes and even our vehicles. And if you’re really into your truck, you’ll definitely want to consider making it a little more you with some of these popular aftermarket modifications that are sure to get attention.

1. Guards

Although front bumper guards are very popular, international truck parts have a wide selection of bumper guards so you can feel a little more unique. Achieving a sporty look is as simple as adding a sport bar to the roof. Not only does it create more interest and pizazz to your truck, it also makes the perfect place to mount additional lighting.

2. Cold Air Intake

Many truck owners are replacing their factory intake system with a cold air intake to improve the function and horsepower of the vehicle. Bringing cooler air into the engine relieves some of the heat and boosts engine performance. Not only does it give you a better-performing pickup, it also looks great in the engine bay. And if you couple this with a better exhaust system, you’ll get even better performance out of your truck.

3. LED Lights

Whether you’re interested in a light bar that can make your vehicle more visible in the dark and hazardous road conditions, or you just like the way it looks, adding LED lights to your truck is a fun way to stand out from the crowd. LED lights can also be added to the undercarriage, wheel wells and headlights. There’s all sorts of ways to add additional lights to a truck, and you can choose whatever color best suits your taste.

4. Bed Cover

One of the best things about having a truck is the added cargo space of the truck bed. But savvy truck owners know that covering the bed is going to extend the life of the bed and allow you a little more privacy and personalization. Whether you prefer a hard cover or a soft cover, there are lots of custom options available, from photos to airbrushing to retractable covers. Whatever you can dream up, you just might be able to have.

5. All Terrain Tires

When off-roading is kind of what you do, all terrain tires are a given. Factory tires just aren’t made to take the beating that an all terrain tire can handle with grace and ease. Not to mention, the fact that you’re sure to get better performance out of your truck when it’s sporting the right tires to get the job done. These tires are even going to outright look better, whether they’re muddied up from your last adventure or freshly shined and Armor-All’ed. Regardless of which mods you decide are for you, there’s a mod to suit every truck owner’s tastes. Some of these modifications you can probably do on yourself, while others will likely require the help of a trained auto mechanic to ensure that you’re going to have peak performance.

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