5 Auto Detailing Trends For 2021 And Beyond

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The automotive industry has continued to grow in leaps and bounds across the world. Unlike in the past century, more people today own vehicles from personal cars to business trucks. Subsequently, this has resulted in a rise in demand for automotive detailing services.

Detailing may take the form of cleaning, waxing, and repainting your vehicle. If you do some of your vehicle’s detailing like painting, you might already be familiar with tools that are becoming part of auto detailing trends. If you do use paint tools, make sure you maintain them regularly to keep them performing well. For example, you should service your Fuji Spray Auto V8 spray gun pattern control regularly to ensure precision painting in each use.

Moving on, in this article, you’ll learn more about the bigger emerging trends in auto detailing.

1. Mobile-Based Services

Gone are those days when marketing for car detailers was just as simple as giving out flyers to random people on the streets. Now, consumers are leaning more towards convenience as they depend on technology to do a variety of things for them, including setting an appointment for an auto detailing service.

This is great news for small businesses that are looking to grow their customer base. As more and more consumers prefer mobile-based technology for appointments and anything they need to be done for their vehicles, detailers can expect to have loyal clients who will keep coming back because of the convenience they can offer.

2. Modern Car Wash Services

Car washing is often included in detailing services. But over the years, developments in technology have been changing the car wash industry. More modern car wash services include automatic machines and offer faster and more efficient cleaning methods and processes that are more convenient for car owners. From self-and full-service car washing to touchless services, car wash facilities are starting to evolve with technology.

It may take some getting used to for car owners who are used to traditional methods, but modern car wash technology is becoming the preferred service type when it comes to cleaning cars. Aside from convenience, modern car wash technology also uses less water than conventional cleaning, which makes it a no-brainer choice for car owners who are looking for ways to help save the environment.

3. Eco-Friendly Automotive Products

The advocacies for products that are eco-friendly and biodegradable continue to grow. Thus, the automotive detailing industry was also pressed to innovate environmentally friendly products, such as biodegradable soap, which replaces traditional cleaners with harmful chemicals. Additionally, there has been the adoption of waterless products that are also biodegradable.

Auto detailers in some areas are required to use water containment mats to avoid runoffs, especially in places that feed freshwater sources. More car detailing clients are embracing this move in a bid to protect the environment.

4. Automated Scheduling And Payment Technology

Modern technology has come to help in scheduling challenges faced in the recent past. Several companies are using software to route detailers to various locations based on proximity and demand through the use of artificial intelligence and GPS technology. These technologies also allow customers to pay service fees online, as well as send automated text messages and alerts to smartphones.

Many detailers are using applications, such as Outlook or Gmail calendars, where you can choose a time slot and day using appointment tools.

When it comes to payment, many detailers are using Stripe, which supports this nature of business through credit cards. It’s projected that, in the next few years, mobile payments will invade this business as the need to go cashless is on the rise.

5. Advanced Interior Cleaning Services

Traditionally, cleaning car interiors mostly involves the use of vacuums. However, for car owners who need more elaborate interior services, advanced deep cleaning is ideal. This may include:

  • Gentle and proper cleaning of leather using recommended leather cleaners
  • Use of soft detail brushes in areas that are difficult to reach
  • Thorough cleaning of steering wheels, dashboard, control knobs, and many more
  • Vacuuming hidden crevices in every inch inclusive of the trunk

It’s expected that many people will switch from manual labor detailing to more modern services. Although they’re more expensive, they’re a better choice when it comes to convenience and efficiency, which many car owners don’t mind paying for.


Professional car detailing is important to maintain a car’s aesthetics and to prolong its lifespan. With detailing trends becoming more modern and advanced, car owners may find that high-quality detailing services can be better and more convenient than before.

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