Introducing Cadillac XT5 For China

By CarsFellow 2 Min Read

Cadillac’s got some news for us – they’re making the XT5 even better, and we’ve got a sneak peek. Before going all-electric by 2030, they’re giving us a new XT5, set to debut later this year. Thanks to China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, we’re getting a glimpse before the big reveal.

The XT5’s been around since 2016, and let’s be honest, it’s due for a makeover. The next-gen XT5 brings a sleeker vibe, following Cadillac‘s latest design trends. Picture this: slim horizontal lights up top, a vertical bar forming an upside-down “L” at each end. It’s a bit boxier this time, with multiple trims and alloy wheel designs for that extra flair.


While we’re yet to see the inside, there’s a chance it might rock a 33-inch screen – the same one in recent Cadillac models like the CT5. Now, for the numbers – the 2025 XT5 in China is a smidge larger than its predecessor, boasting a turbocharged 2.0-liter engine making 227 hp. Front-wheel drive comes standard, but there’s an AWD option for those craving a bit more.

Here’s the twist – originally, the next-gen XT5 was tagged as a China exclusive. But hold on, recent whispers suggest a change of plans. There’s a chance the revamped model might find its way to North America after all. Looks like Cadillac’s keeping us on our toes. Let’s see where the road takes us – a sleeker XT5 might be cruising stateside sooner than we think.

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