TriboTex: Less Wear in Car Engine, Better MPG

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TriboTex: Less Wear in Car Engine

Now a days cars are not only deluxe but a requirement. We all rely on vehicles in a whole day for getting work or to picking children’s. Vehicles always depend on us to operate very well. there are lots of problems faced by drivers in the world. These problems are in capability, wear, and the waste of cars.

Incapability of Car:

Average mileage for brand spanking new rider cars has stagnated around twenty-two MPG for the last twenty years. ancient engines solely deliver a half-hour tank-to-wheel potency.Wear:



After 200k miles cars are refuse due to stress and heat that takes one to diminish competence and compaction of your vehicle. the cost of repairing engine wear out is 1000$ when some object cracks or cut off.



Each year a lots of cars life finish because of wear out and maintainers of these cars is too expensive. Heavy toxic, Serious metals, oils, and different chemicals find you in our storm drains and water provides once worshiped care find you in junkyards.

Tribotex transmutes all the wear of the cars by improving the functioning of yours vehicles. It saves fuel and improves your journey, it Should be necessary at each oil change.

Enlarging Nanoparticles to Save Your Cars:

The ability of the car is intensified by this method only in 15 minutes. You only require infusing Tribotex in oil section of your car. It not only decrease the dissonance of your car engine for a calm driving but also cut down wear of your vehicle engine. You will get advantage from this minor portion.

Working on Tribotex technology of Tribotex is the deal by a bureau of US government comprising NASA. The one side of improbable nanoparticles let to attach to surface other side is tricky to lessen friction. Covering of nanoparticles work as a fixture. The covering of Tribotex is applied tithe bearings and cylinders of vehicles which diminish oblateness and increasing compression. As compared to oil it minifies fraction 10 minutes further in an efficient manner.

In it For an Extended Haul:

Tribotex is congenial with hybrids, Diesel, trucks and performance cars as well. You will observe the increase in gas mileage. Only one injection of Tribotex is sufficient for 8 quarter of oil. You will go 40,000 miles ahead if next injection of Tribotex.

How to use Tribotex:

Following are the directions that help you in using Tribotex.

  • Firstly warm up the engine of your car and after that make sure that your engine is warm then you have to apply Tribotex.
  • Open your oil reservoir and squeeze all twenty metric capacity unit of proprietary nanomaterial into your oil tank.
  • Idle the engine for fifteen minutes to permit the engine oil to combine with Tribotex.After golf shot associate degree alternative five hundred miles on your automobile
  • After golf shot associate degree alternative five hundred miles on your automobile.
  • Your gas mileage can expertise the complete impact of Tribotex at work.
  • Apply another coat of Tribotex when driving another forty thousand miles.

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