The New Skoda Octavia RS Is Coming Feb 14

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Right after the Volkswagen Golf got a fresh look, its bigger buddy, the Skoda Octavia, is up for a makeover too. Skoda just gave us a sneak peek with some sketches of the new Octavia, hitting the scene on February 14. Exciting, right? Teasers hint at both sedan and wagon versions, plus the top-tier RS model.

The real deal might not be as sleek as these digital sketches, but there are some cool hints, like those revamped daytime running lights. And get this: the 2024 Octavia is rolling out with next-gen LED headlights featuring stylish blue accents inside. Stay tuned for the big reveal next week!

Check out the new taillights on the back – they’re giving off some serious Audi A4 vibes! And for the Octavia RS, Skoda’s gone all out with a meaner front bumper and even stamped an “RS” logo on the wheels. Plus, next week’s premiere will introduce the Sportline trim, kind of like the Golf R-Line for the Octavia. Exciting stuff ahead!

So, we don’t have any sneak peeks at the inside yet. But, judging by what we’ve seen in the latest VW Golf, chances are the Octavia will rock a massive touchscreen too. Back in August 2023, a prototype confirmed this theory. Expect some subtle upgrades inside, following the Golf’s lead.

Now, onto the fun stuff – the engines. Will we see a diesel option for the Octavia RS? And what about beefing up the gas model like the Golf GTI? VW gave its 2.0 TSI engine a boost of 20 hp, bringing it to a cool 261 hp. But don’t hold your breath for a manual gearbox in the new Octavia RS – seems like it’ll stick to an automatic transmission.

But here’s the kicker – while the Golf GTI doesn’t come in a wagon style, the Skoda Octavia Combi RS has been a hit in Europe for exactly that reason. And yup, it’s getting a refresh too. Later on, keep an eye out for updates on the SEAT/Cupra Leon and the Audi A3, along with a revamped Golf R from VW. Fingers crossed for an R Variant too.

Source: Skoda

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