How To Install An Automatic Gate Opener For Your Car Driveway

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Automatic Gate Openers are fantastic. The initial benefit is that installing an automatic gate opener addresses any security concerns that you may have. Once it is installed you cannot forget to lock the gate, you never need to leave it open if you are out for short periods, and you never have an unsecured entrance to your property.

The best automatic gate opener only opens when you tell it to, and also closes and locks behind you when you leave or come home. This has the benefit that no one can get access your driveway without your knowledge or permission.

The installation of an automatic gate opener makes getting in and out of your property easy – you (and anyone else you choose) has the necessary code or access key, and everyone else is kept out!  You can drive up in your car, activate the gate and in you go, without having to get out of your car at all. You will no longer have to find street parking near your home, leave the car, open the gate, go back to your car, drive through the gate, park the car again, get back out and secure the gate behind you. Imagine the simplicity of being able to click and drive straight in.

Things to consider when Installing an Automatic Gate Opener


Do You Already Have A Gate?

This does sound pretty basic, but it is the starting point for your installation project. Which Gate Opener that you require will depend upon the weight, and size, of the gate.  Consequently, the opening that you wish to install the gate to, or the size and weight of your existing gate, will be your starting point.

If you don’t already have a gate, and are looking at the installation of a gate as well as the opener then you need to ensure that you have sufficient ‘swing room’ either inwards, or outwards, for the gate to operate.

Take a look at your drive way, and give some thought to what type of fencing you will use up to the gates, and how you will fix your new the gates to the fencing.

The gate opener is often powered by a battery supply charged by a solar panel, so you need also to think about where you will position this in relation to the gate and make sure you have space. 

What do I need to Install an Automatic Gate Opener?

As long as you have a gate and fencing already in place, then fitting an automatic gate opener is a fairly easily accomplished Do-It-Yourself exercise and most people with a reasonable amount of experience would be able to fit one.

You Will Need:

  • Screwdriver
  • Power Drill
  • Level
  • C Clamps
  • Tape Measure
  • Wrench
  • Push Open Brackets
  • Solar Panel
  • Low Voltage Wire
  • Fork Lugs
  • Gate Attachment Bracket
  • PVC Conduit

 How to Install your Automatic Sliding Gate Opener:

How to Install your Automatic Sliding Gate Opener

  1. Start by reading the manufacturer’s instructions on your chosen model very carefully. Once fitted your gates will be swinging with considerable force, and safety should be paramount.
  2. Check that your current gates are suitable. They need to swing freely, be absolutely upright, have good ground clearance, and be of sound construction. Any gates over 250 pounds will need bearings to support that weight.
  3. Decide where to install your gate opener. Do not install on the outside where security could be compromised. The unit should be installed near the inside centre line of the gate – this also prevents twist upon movement.
  4. With the gate already in position, assemble the post bracket. This process creates the space between the gate itself and the operator. Attach the bracket to the front of the gate opener, open the gate, extract the gate opening arm. Adjust to level – and make sure it is, measure twice, act once, then using the c clamps, fix into position.
  5. Ensuring that it is exactly level attach the opening arm to your post-bracket assembly.It is crucial that the stop plate, which the gates come to rest against, are correctly positioned. Detach the opener arm, close the gates, and make sure that the plates are secured. Then return the gate to open, reattach the opener arm.
  6. If your gate has a control box as part of the operating mechanism, then install this at least three feet from the ground. If you are not confident with wiring this up yourself then use an electrician to wire up the control box for you.
  7. Install either your transformer or your solar panels following the instructions carefully – of course if you engaged an electrician to do the above step then he or she could do this for you.
  8. Attach the battery.
  9. Using your manual adjust all of the settings to accommodate your specific gate.

The installation of an automatic gate opener will bring considerable benefits – not to mention improve the value of your property. They are increasingly popular, offer a good security barrier and offer peace of mind for users.

The installation itself is not as difficult as many people anticipate, and following the simple step by step guide to Installing an Automatic Gate opener will mean that it is a job that you could undertake yourself.

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