Lotus Switching the Emira With An Electric Sports Car In 2027

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Lotus is gearing up for another electric ride! Dubbed the Type 135, it’s said to hit the market in 2027 at a much more wallet-friendly price compared to the Evija. Priced around $95,345, it’s aimed to be a game-changer. According to Lotus Group’s Chief Commercial Officer, Mike Johnstone, this two-seater sports car is at the heart of the brand’s identity. It’s set to replace both the Elise and the Emira, boasting a lightweight chassis that promises agile performance. Riding on the LEVA platform, initially developed for Lotus and Alpine’s collaboration, the Type 135 aims to deliver the quintessential Lotus driving experience. With its sleek design and electric power, it’s sure to turn heads when it hits the road in 2027.

You’ve got options with Lotus’ electric lineup! They’re offering one- and two-motor powertrains, packing a punch with reported horsepower ranging from 469 to 872. Whether you prefer rear- or all-wheel drive, Lotus has you covered. And hey, they’re keeping the door open for a torque-vectoring AWD system down the line, similar to what you’ll find in the Evija.

Now, while these numbers are impressive, they’re a tad lower than some of Lotus’ other electric rides. Take the Emeya sedan, for example, boasting up to 905 horsepower. Then there’s the Eletre SUV, available in versions with 603 or 905 horsepower. With this kind of power under the hood, you’re in for an electrifying ride, no doubt!

The Type 135 is set to offer two battery options: 66.4 kWh and 99.6 kWh, giving you an estimated range of about 300 miles or 450 miles, respectively. Unlike many electric vehicles that stash batteries under the floor, Lotus plans to stack them behind the driver. This keeps the ride lower for that classic sports car feel we all love.

Exciting news: Lotus will be making the Type 135 right in England, a departure from the Emeya and Eletre, which hail from China. With hopes to sell between 10,000 to 15,000 units worldwide annually, it’s clear they’re aiming for a global audience.

We’ve reached out to Lotus for confirmation on these details and will update you as soon as we hear back. Stay tuned!

Source: Autocar

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