How To Decide On Your Next UTV Purchase

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Investing in a brand new UTV (Utility Terrain Vehicle) is one of the most exciting times for any thrill seeker and off-road enthusiast. This is exactly why you should make a well-informed decision when choosing your next side-by-side. With so many options available on the market, it is important to stick to your budget and plan your purchase thoroughly. This quick guide on how to choose the most suitable UTV for your needs should help you narrow down your options:

Decide On Its Purpose

What plans does the future hold for your brand new UTV? Answering this question will allow you to start researching a specific segment rather than the whole market. These are the three main categories to take into consideration:

This classification is based on a few pretty logical features. First of all, a utility side-by-side targets individuals that undergo farmwork or other activities that require a large engine size, cargo arrangement, or a dump cargo box. Sport UTVs are designed for recreational adventures, showing a clear emphasis on speed, agility, and control features.

After deciding on what you will be using your brand new side-by-side for, it’s time to look into the more specific features.

Engine Capacity

There are one or two-cylinder engines. However, the engine capacity will always be restored for one cylinder. If it is a two-cylinder when applied cumulatively.

The advice is to choose the engine according to your experience. The stronger the engine, the harder it will be to control, and you’ll risk not being able to cope or getting injured. Also, the larger an engine, the harder it is to maintain. Do not rush to buy a model with a very large engine, unless you are very confident in your ability to drive this vehicle.

Manual or Automatic?

Like cars, UTVs can have an automatic transmission or a manual transmission.

For beginners, models with automatic transmission are recommended. This way they will be able to drive the UTV without thinking about the fact that they should change gears, and they will not be bothered by this extra step.

On the other hand, models with manual transmission are easier to handle than those with automatic transmission, precisely because you can control the engine the way you please.

These models usually have 5.6 speeds, and you can find them on all sports and utility models. This is because it is assumed that these models will always be used on very rough terrain and steep slopes, in which case you need to be able to adjust the traction of the engine.

In addition, when you race, the extent to which you know when and how to change gears can help you get faster and win.

Costs and Manufacturers

The price you will pay will vary depending on the size of the UTV, as well as the engine power. Also, if it has extra features, you will definitely have to pay extra for them.

As a rule, it is good not to invest a lot in the first UTV, because you are in the period of accommodation, and if you do not like it, not having invested more will give you some peace of mind. Even if you resell it, you will not recover all your money anyway, so it is better not to risk it at first.

The price can also be influenced by the brand, and the specialists’ recommendation is to take into account the manufacturer. A manufacturer with a good reputation will want to please customers and will always produce to high standards.

This way, you get more chances to choose a quality product. Among the most popular on the market are Yamaha, Honda, Polaris. Nevertheless, seeking the community’s opinion can really help out.


Tuning up your brand new UTV is probably one of the most exciting times of the entire process. This is another great way to help you decide on which manufacturer you want to start your journey with. Whether we are talking about tires, drive belts, speakers, or harness accessories, you will have to make sure those are compatible with your UTV model. If you are not sure in which direction to go for a start, you can check out some honda pioneer accessories here.

Bottom Line

Making such a big decision can be demanding, however, our final advice is to make this experience pleasant. Take your time to check all the models out there and make an informed decision. Seek the community’s help and go for as many test rides as possible!

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