How Long Does It Take to Sell a Car – How to Sell it Fast?

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Are you planning to sell your car? On average, it’ll take you 60 days to sell a secondhand vehicle. But what’s the importance of this figure?

Well, most professionals who sell secondhand cars agree that it takes 60 days to dispose of your vehicle. However, if you plan to sell your vehicle privately, it may take some few hours or days if you’re lucky.

But in reality, it may take your months or years to sell the car. At times, you may not sell the vehicle at all.

Probably you’re wondering, how long will it take to sell my car? How can I sell it fast? Well, all this is dependent on a number of factors. In this article, we’ll provide some tips to ensure you make a sale, faster.

1) Set Realistic Expectations:

How fast do you expect to sell your car? Well, most sellers will browse the internet for advice on how to sell their car. If you do this, you’ll be sure to get some articles that discuss your problem.

Some of these articles will have mouthwatering topics. For example, how I sold my car in one day or how I received 25 calls and 10 emails in three hours.

While all this may be true, you need to understand that these are exceptions to this rule. However, you’ll note that the time it takes to sell your car is dependent on a number of things. Such factors may include experience and luck. You may get lucky or you may not.

The tactic is to have realistic expectations. For instance, expecting to sell your car in half a day and at a rate higher than your asking price is setting yourself for failure.

It would be better to assume it will take you one or two months to sell the car. If it happens before the lapse of this period, you’ll feel good about yourself.

2) Try Selling a Car that People want:

Nothing slows your sale down like selling something people don’t want. As you will note, some models aren’t exciting people anymore.

Take Saturn for instance, the company shut down in 2010. But its model is still on the road. Since the company is out of business, its spare parts will become increasingly scarce with time.

If you’re selling a car that people will take months to get its spare parts, don’t expect the sale to be quick.

Whether the manufacturer is still in the market or not, the condition of your vehicle will also determine whether people will buy it or not.


At one point, you’ll discover that your vehicle isn’t serving your needs anymore. At this point, you’ll have no alternative other than selling the vehicle.

At this point you may wonder, how long will it take to sell my car? well, its dependent on a number of conditions.

Your vehicle should be in good condition. Give it the right pricing and set realistic expectations. That’s the only best way to sell your car privately.

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