5 Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Car in Perfect Condition

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Maintaining your car in good condition is a very crucial step that every vehicle owner should follow to extend the life of their vehicle and make it look pretty new at all times. If you strictly follow your maintenance program without ignoring it like faithfully taking it to Car Servicing Stockport, your vehicle should always be in an excellent working condition. Here are five maintenance tips you can follow to keep your vehicle in perfect condition.

Test your Battery:

Most people have had the battery of their car run out when they need it the most. You might have faced a similar situation which left you stranded for some time on the road. To avoid such situations, don’t ignore a low battery indicator on your dashboard. Always get the battery checked regularly or DIY. Also, check for any leakage or mineral accumulation around it. Clean it using a battery cleaning brush and do this when necessary.

Check your Air Filter:

Most car problems are as a result of faulty air filters and the wear caused by them. Ensure that your filters get changed after every 12,000 miles or 12 months, whichever comes first. Avoid ignoring this maintenance because it can lead to issues with your AC system and help you breathe some clean air in your vehicle.

Change your Oil:

Changing oil and car servicing are also essential preventive measures to keep in mind at all times. You have to do it regularly, once a year or every 10000 miles you should get your oil changed. Your manual clearly outlines the recommended terms for this preventive measure and when to service your car. However, if you regularly drive on challenging roads or get stuck more often in traffic jams, you should consider changing your oil slightly more frequently.

Keep your Tires well Inflated:

Most people tend to wait until their underinflated tires become visible and causing many inconveniences on the roads. That is not the correct approach. If your tires are not well inflated, they will wear out pretty faster and cause considerable mechanic damages to your car. You should not underrate the risks to your health and life which they pose. Therefore, every vehicle owner should frequently check the air pressure in their car tires.

Stick to the Owner’s Manual:

You should never neglect reading the manual of the manufacturer. Whatever they might say, that manual is full of detailed information about your specific car model which you should know. You should understand the type of fuel the owner recommends for your model. If you carefully stick to the fuel recommendations in most cases, you are likely to extend the life of your engine significantly.


One of the first things you ought to do after purchasing a used or a new vehicle is to work out a maintenance schedule and stick to it. It’s wrong to assume that because you bought a new car, you should forget about maintaining it for several years. Perform monthly and weekly inspections and maintenance on your vehicle to make it last longer. Remember that when you stick to a maintenance schedule, your car will appear and feel like brand new for many years to come. You will also have better performance and fewer problems.

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