2025 BMW Neue Klasse: All Things We Know

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In 1961, BMW shook things up at the Frankfurt Motor Show with the introduction of the BMW 1500, the pioneer of the Neue Klasse models. These cars were a departure from BMW’s usual style, flaunting sleek lines that set the tone for decades to come. That is until Chris Bangle came along.

Fast forward to today, BMW is gearing up to unveil a new generation of the Neue Klasse, but this time with an electric twist. It’s not just about looks; it’s a whole new platform for electric vehicles.

We’ve caught glimpses of the Neue Klasse in concept form, but the real deal won’t hit the streets until 2025. Until then, here’s what we’ve gathered.

What Is The BMW Neue Klasse?

BMW Neue Klasse EV Concept

The Neue Klasse platform is all about electric vehicles, and it’s pretty clever. They’ve figured out how to build the batteries right into the car’s structure. These batteries come in different sizes, ranging from 75.0 to 150.0 kilowatt-hours, and they charge super fast – we’re talking up to 30 miles added every minute when you plug in.

BMW’s got their own special cylindrical battery cells for these models, giving you 30% more energy without taking up any extra space. With these packs, you could go as far as 621 miles before needing to juice up again. It’s like having a never-ending road trip.

What’s Under The Hood?

The Neue Klasse platform is super versatile when it comes to electric motors. You can pick from anywhere between 268 to a whopping 1,341 horsepower. Yep, you heard that right! It can handle rear-wheel and all-wheel drive setups, and there’s even an option for two motors just for the back wheels. Talk about power!

What Does It Look Like?

BMW Neue Klasse EV Concept

So, here’s the scoop: the Neue Klasse isn’t just one car, it’s a whole lineup! First up, there’s an electric crossover, likely called the iX3. Then, there’s a sedan about the size of a 3 Series, possibly named i320 or i330. And get this, they’re also cooking up special versions just for China, plus Mini is getting in on the action too!

But wait, there’s more! BMW is planning to roll out four more rides on this platform by the end of the decade. They’re talking entry-level EVs like the i1 and i2, and even a sporty coupe-shaped crossover dubbed the iX4 in 2026.

And let’s not forget the Vision Neue Klasse concept they showed off in 2023. Picture this: a sleek design inspired by the 1960s, but with all the modern bells and whistles. Inside, they’re jazzing up the iDrive system and adding cool stuff like a ginormous head-up display. Can’t wait to see these babies hit the road!

Will The Neue Klasse Get An M Model?

Likely so! While BMW’s keeping things hush-hush about the performance models on the Neue Klasse platform, they did snag the trademark for “iM3.” Rumor has it, that these beasts could pack a quad motor setup cranking out a jaw-dropping 1,341 horsepower. If BMW sticks to their usual schedule, expect these high-powered models to hit the scene a bit after the regular ones.

When Does It Debut?

The first Neue Klasse model will roll out in late 2025. They’ll start making them in Hungary and China, then Germany in 2026, and Mexico will join the party in 2027. So, keep your eyes peeled – these babies are coming to a road near you soon.

BMW Neue Klasse EV Concept

How Much Will It Cost?

Well, it’s a mixed bag. With at least six different rides on the Neue Klasse platform, prices will vary. But here’s the kicker: word on the street is, that these new batteries won’t break the bank like the old ones. That means you might be looking at price tags more in line with regular gas-powered cars. Fingers crossed for some affordable options!

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